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What are you doing today? (Part 3)

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    I am unwell and have stayed in bed most of today:rip:. Beginning to think I am having reactions to gluten and dairy.

    this is definitley diet related, so I guess I need to do something, just not sure where to begin.

    So, today I did nothing but feel miserable!!:confused:

    Tomorrow will be better:)

    Judi BJudi B

    I’m having one of those days:@ I went out to check if the trees needed a water and moved the mulch got bitten on the finger by an ant of all the fingers he had to choose from he got the one I burnt earlier while making muesli bars, so came in and put some ice on it, then went and got some water for the citrus trees and twisted my ankle :@the ground has incredible cracks in it and the side gave way.

    DH is trying to fix the trailer so we can get some water for the trees but now it looks like he will have to re wire it.


    Angelpuss and Judi: :hug: Hope things improve soon!


    sue esue e

    spent the day cleaning up around the pool garden.lots of fish fern and dead palm fronds. very hot.mowed up everything i pulled out and put it in the compost heap. much sweeping and raking . am knackered but looks nice. the pool temp is warm for this time of year- we are swimming already. maybe not such a good idea to turn it into an aquaponic system.


    :hug: to folks not feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better.

    Wonderful photos, everyone. Thanks! EMW, your garden is amazing!

    I went to fill one of my wicking boxes last night & found a lovely green tree frog gazing up at me from inside the pipe. :tup:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    EMW – I want that garden!! It is so beautiful.

    HBG – Youare working so hard, but it will be fantastic when it is finished.

    Herbie – I hope that everything goes well. Hope the kids slept.

    Hope that everyone is starting to feel better,

    I had a nice day, I made 5 more pincushions as the last ones sold to one lady. Lovely, hand sewing and tv all day.

    Though I started to feel stressed as it got time to go to bed as I knew that I had to get up this morning and it will all start again. I think I really need more time off.


    Hi Kathy: The top of town in Ipswich is much as it was, but the rest of the city changes by the day. There’s even a highrise apartment block.


    Crossing my fingers that my main computer will be fixed this week, or even better…TODAY! Has been very hard without it as my laptop just doesn’t have a fraction of all the stuff I need :-(. On a brighter note, I made some major changes to the Simple Living Flea Market that I hope will spark it up, my vege garden is going/growing great and three of my new chooks are laying!

    ( I may not post here much, but I do come every day- usually more than once lol- and I read what everyone writes….)


    Son and granddaughter is spending a week in Mildura with my nephew and his wife so I can catch up on some sewing and having some peace. Its so quiet here is deafing.:kiss1: Miss her already:hug:


    Today I managed to post off my recipe swap recipes so am feeling chuffed i got them off before the deadline. I also did a bit more panelbeating on the brass door step, nailing down the edges with upholstery tacks as I go so I don’t undo my work with a mis-placed mallet or a gust of strong wind. There is a wooden strip nailed across the edge where I have got to. The upholstery tacks have run out, so when I am next in Hobart I will get proper brass tacks. I am starting them off with a nail punch so they don’t lose their tips on their way through the metal. Apart from that I have played host to three visitors from around the neighbourhood (amazing what effect a sudden change to the front of the house makes, lol).

    While I was at the post office I also collected the can of spray basting that I bought by mail order. It was packed in a box with a length of shiny sheer peach toned fabric on one side, and a length of bright red tulle on the other side. Not exactly quilting material, but it will go in my stash to see what I can make of it once I have a proper sewing room set up.


    Kippen – nice about the frog. They’re pretty cool aren’t they 🙂

    Kathy – I went through Ipswich on Friday arvo – you would be so glad you have moved to Baffle because it was just a big dusty construction site from Redbank onwards

    HBG – YOu are so one step ahead of me for the recipe swap. Mine’s ready to go, but I didn’t get to the PO today *smacks hand*

    Work today. But was nice because got a lift both into and out of town with DW. Our shifts actually kinda matched up (well, I started work at 6:30am so that I could get a lift in to work). Am just about to make dinner and enjoy a rare night at home together 🙂 🙂


    Did some bicycle maintenance

    Checked veg garden

    Caught up on some paper work and found some stencils so taught little DS what to do with them

    Had comp probs:@ and sorted that out

    Collected mail – DS got his nintendo ds console back – all fixed and I got a surprise prize of crayons, pens etc and a pack of construction paper. Am keeping it for little DS for his birthday in Feb, he will be 3 so will be able to use these things a bit better then.

    Did the usuaul stuff as well of course;)

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Survived the first day at my new work! Good to car share with DH on the first two days. Can go by public transport the rest of the week. I wonder if my car can stay in the driveway for the whole week?


    HBG, you can use tulle to make bags for fruit and veg purchases at the supermarket, it cuts down on those horrible flimsy plastic bags. I have bought purple and hot pink tulle with contrasting ribbon to run up so I don’t have to bring any more extra plastic home.

    Today I got yesterday’s housework done. Still have allergy welts but they are fading. Was put upon by relative to do more running around on her behalf, I am not willing to comply which led to her asking “are you alright? You sound sad.” :@ Some people really do not notice much!!! I have been ill for days but of course, no contact from her till something is wanted from me!:noapprove: On a positive note, its good to be assertive.:mad:

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    After 50 pages, it’s time to close this thread and start a new one.

    So, please post here instead

    edited ‘coz I stuttered.

Viewing 15 posts - 976 through 990 (of 990 total)
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