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What are you doing today? (Part 3)

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    Today was ‘do yesterdays housework’ day. I argued with the computer to get itunes to play and then went back to the old media player and set it up the long way round – so I too could play loud music as I worked. Got a lot done too. Also did some filing and cleaned some screens and did mending. Sorted some stuff that was lying around waiting for it’s next home and dusted off some surfaces (eg computer area and screen) AMAZING the dif in light refraction when you do that:jawdrop: The place feels so much better too:tup:

    Big DS cleaned his room:jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop: that was a HUGE effort on his part (incl fan, screen, windows and inside of cupboards:jawdrop:) a job very well done tho

    Gave both the older DS’s a haircut – nearly needed the brushcutter for the older one;)

    Have now done dinner and everyone is watching movies or playing games. Aah peace at last:tongue:


    going batty trying to resize and upload various pics to diff websited to advertise bunnies for sale

    My hubby is the tech person , all it does to me is give me migraines.:p

    ahh well , will get there sometime soon


    Today the builders are coming to fit the lock on the front door so it can open and shut. I am quite excited about that. Also, due to a measuring error, I now have sufficient space above the front door to start contemplating a porch (necessary for the way the weather beats in on that side), so will take a little time to contemplate the design for that. Other than that will be doing a bit of tidying up inside the house as there has been a lot of sawdust generated in the last few days, and also a bit of wood-cutting for the fire. Will use the docking saw to cut down some spare bits of wood that are lying around.


    Still have the grandkids today. No word about new baby yet. Having people over for tea tonight who haven’t been to our place before – so think I should at least give it a vacuum and tidy.

    If I get a chance I might sow some seeds in pots. My older GD can help me.


    Herbman wrote:

    Still have the grandkids today. No word about new baby yet. Having people over for tea tonight who haven’t been to our place before – so think I should at least give it a vacuum and tidy.

    If I get a chance I might sow some seeds in pots. My older GD can help me.

    Ohhhh best of luck to them!

    So exciting :hug:

    Everyones so busy!

    Today DH is back at work (he had a med cert yesterday cos he was sick.)

    So me and the children will play outside and ive put up one side of the shade around my vegie patches. But ill do the other side this arvo when i work out something 😆

    I got the shade stuff from bunnings at $5.20 a meter 70%block and i felt some shade is better then none cosw its so hot here and the ones in the test box i did started going greaqt guns after 1 day! So i just bit the bullet and did it.

    It dont look fancy 😆 but its practical and if it works i dont care what others think 😆

    Hope everyone has a good sunday:)


    We’re having a working bee at an elderly friend’s place to pull up bricks in her courtyard, followed by a nice al fresco lunch.

    I stood on the verandah last night & watched the storms miss me by a few kms. My tank is all but empty so I’ve decided no more struggling to growing things for a while. Going to devote the time to constructing wicking beds instead.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Herbie, What a great day and wonderful Photo. I do love the beach and it is so much more fun when you little ones to explore and play with.

    I am having a day off today, I am so tired and burnt out from doing things for others and trying to “be organised”. I have had to ignore the lawn that needs mowing and the sewing that is to be done for other people (why does that always take first place). I keep reminding myself that today is for me.

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Sewing lady, you take care of yourself for once! Hope it is a nice restful day.

    HBG what a novel idea – a front door that opens and shuts!!

    Herbie, hope the news about the baby comes soon.

    I am having a day of being officially ‘unemployed’!! Officially ended at my old job yesterday, start the new one on Monday. I am feeling quite ‘light’ and at peace.

    Whilst I was away last week DH put up all the shade sails and the shadecloth blinds on the windows. It feels like summer again!


    Still waiting for rain ,its coming I’m positive about it .

    My young neighbour came and took my portable tank for bore water so I can give the garden a drink .He is such a sweetie .baked him some lamingtons.He tried to make a mud cake for his partner which was apparently a terrible failure ,mixed about 3 recipes doesnt understand baking is a science:geek:So thought I would make one for him .Hope mine turns out:uhoh:

    Andy waiting with you :tup:have a great day with those little cuties

    EMW congrats on being unemployed

    Kippen pity we hadnt met when I was in Ippy.How is the old town?

    Hope everyone else is having a great day:D


    This morning I cooked up a batch of spag bol to last me for the week. I’ve sowed some lettuce and spinach seeds. My helper is here doing some brush cutting for me. This afternoon I will be working as a volunteer at the second hand bookshop in Beechworth. Funds raised support the Neighbourhood House. It’s in a beautiful old church so will be a nice place to spend the afternoon.


    Today i also re planted all my veggies my not so DS2 pulled out and dumped in a pile along with there id tags:@

    And fixed my fence they bent down:tdown:


    Well I now have a door that opens and shuts, and a toplight and a lock and a brass doorstep (almost). Discovered the brass door step was not in too bad condition so am panel-beating it to fit the new door step. So far so good …

    There is a slight pitfall (literally) in that the front foot of floor inside the front door is missing, but will deal with that at a later date when replacing the floor in the hall and loungeroom.

    Had to go into town to get more money as there were two builders for a day and a half instead of one builder for one day, so the budget (until my super appears in my bank account) is seriously stuffed. Will have to limit purchases to essentials like food for me and the cats (dog and chooks already covered).

    Still, will spend a happy afternoon installing upholstery tacks along the sides of the copper sheet to hold it in place as I bet it into position and then find something to trim the long edge and hold it flat under the lip of the step until I can get the right stuff.

    Will post photos on the ‘project’ thread once I have some of the door and toplight, hopefully today but the weather seems to be cracking up a bit (again).

    EMW your garden looks a real picture – love to be lazing in a setting like that for a day!!


    Both the little ones are grumpy today. And getting into EVERYTHING! I so need to buy some more toys for them. Don’t have enough much more than an hour visit at a time. Neither slept during midday nap – so they don’t know it yet, but both are going back to bed in an hour or so.

    EMW – Your garden looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I am green with envy.


    EMW: your garden looks divine!

    Today we were going to have a day off (I know, another rare one) but we decided to go and buy a shower base and vanity (for the Primrose house) that was at a seconds sale instead of travelling 2 hours to a Blues gig (must be getting old to turn down the opportunity of a gig). I did a mountain of ironing, planted lettuce seeds and repotted my overgrown mint as well as clean out the chooks and rerig the watering system for the deck pots. Then I sat under my walnut tree looking at the river and saw how loaded my lemon tree is and now I have decided to make lemon cordial. Well that brings me here as I logged on to look for a recipe and got side tracked here instead.

    Another Sunday here in paradise.



    mmmmmmmmm Cordial made, delicious!

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