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    I get no satisfaction from housework unless I can see where I have been Nimrodel. After six weeks, you should get some satisfaction:lol::lol:


    Let the girls stand up for what you have taught them through thier lives. My sons witnessed a beating 10-15 years ago and the youngest actually stopped it from going any future.

    They ended up having to go to court but the person who beat up the poor guy got off with a warning.

    The victim had to have his face rebuilt and the boys lost time off of work to go.

    Its known here in SA as the soft state. Having a good friend in the police force he said he is fed up with doing his job just for the courts to let them go again.

    I’ll be tough :@ Hang the mongrels:@:@:@ it will stop over night.


    HBG, I am the same. The carpet here is an old mottled brown and cream so it doesnt show the dirt which in a way is a good thing, but means I really dont have much incentive to do my most hated chore!

    fluffy chookfluffy chook

    Beautiful photos Shangri La – :tup:

    Chezza hope everything works out for you guys – violence like that makes you feel sick in the stomach



    Well I went off for a mammogram this morning and expected to rest in the afternoon but when I got home and walked into to closed up house I could small dead rat!:rip: so now I have found the body behind the fridge and cleaned up the mess I really deserve the rest!

    Yesterday I spent most of the day on a random act of kindness, my neighbour is very busy looking after 2 small children while their parents are coping with new pre-term twins that are in need of extra medical care so I mowed her grass front and back. This is the first lawn mowing, with the 4 stoke push mower since I broke my knee 5 months ago so I am a little tire today, but I feel really good to help out and the place looks great.


    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Just bought myself a nice new keyboard -even has a ‘n’ that works without thumping it. Also have a new mouse – I dropped the other one! (oops)

    Sorry HBG cannot show pics of fancy quilting close up -only took one pic of the quilt as I had finished it only half an hour before I gave it away. You will have to take my word for it – it was fab! 😆


    Chezza that must have been upsetting for you allafter such a nice evening out for you all:hug: Thoughts for the victim too

    The Dog – well we have lost so many now to ticks that I took a hard stance this time and did not become attached to him. And I was out doing the shopping when he died so I was not here to feel the kids pain at that time either – DH was for a change. I feel we should just stick with the one little fellow who seems to be more immune to the ticks and lets us know about the carpet pythons in the chook pens. (2 in a week that he has let us know about – how does he know when they are about 200m away:shrug:?? It’s not like snakes are noisy)

    SUnday – we had the power off for several hrs. But as we have gas I made 4 litrs of rosella sauce and bottled it up. I met DD and her BF and she came home for the night:hug::kiss1: apart from that I managed to do 4 loads of washing before the power went off and I folded all of that in the evening – I went to sleep immediately after dinner on the recliner while little DS watched the doco on elephants he had asked to see (he did the elephant noise with hand gestures for a trunk and pointed to the DVD’s:lol:)

    Today was back to school for middle DS and to docs for DD. We did house work before going and picked flowers for drying and I crushed the parsley I had dried as well.

    We watched a movie when we got back then some watering and folding laundry, paperwork and paying bills etc.:awch:

    Then we picked mid DS up from school and went to meet DD’s BF and she returned to the Big Smoke with him:(. The boys and I had pizza for dinner cos my heart wasn’t it in (both DH and DD were not here for dinner).

    DS#1 has another shift added to his work so he has 2 regular shifts now again.

    I am tired (maybe there is something wrong or everything has just caught up with me:shrug:) so I am off to bed

    Sleep tight:wave:


    Narelleh, you’re an amazing lady.

    Back to work today. 🙁 Over the weekend I built 1.5 wicking worm beds. One is complete, the other has the sand in place but will have to wait a week or 2 for the compost. In the process I dug up some huge elephant beetle (I think) grubs. I relocated them all.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    So sorry that you had to witness something so aweful Chezza. I hope you and the Kids are ok.


    Stephanie – ewe, a dead rat … *shudders*. You poor bugger – that must have been gross.

    EMW – the quilt looks beautiful! :tup:

    Nothing on today. Just work. Leaving now to cycle in. Amazing how much time I can spend on ALS in the morning. Cat woke me up at 4:10am so I decided just to get up rather than play with snooze button. But now it’s 5:10am and I’ve still not left the house :p Oh well, ALS is heaps fun :tongue:


    Narellah, Snakes smell and a dog can smell a lot better than you can, so he would be responding to that.

    This morning is a bright sunny one despite the heavy rain that kept me awake half the night. Had a bit of a sleep in because of that and am now contemplating today’s chores. Digging out a bit of soil that is cluttering up a work area, then shifting things around inside the house to get the weight off the floors in the future sewing room seems like a good start. Then I might be lazy and go into town for scrabble, laundry and other such things…


    Well, that went well – not. Just started riding to work. Got 20km down the road (half way) when a guy in a 4WD failed to see me on a roundabout. So now I’m back home after a bit of a fright.

    To spell it out – he hit me. I saw him coming but couldn’t do anything to avoid the collision. I did manage to move far enough to the right so that the impact was minimised. I gave him a massive serve out of fright. I was already on the roundabout when he approached – so I was in the right. And I wear an orange helmet, yellow reflective vest and my bike has reflective stickers.

    The guy stopped (well, he was on my bike so had no choice), he apologised profusely. I have his details and also those of a witness. He’s going to call his insurance today and he has my details. I’m off to get a quote on repairs – think it’s just the swing arm on the trailer, mudguard on back of bike and have to check the trailer & bike wheels for buckling. But I haven’t looked properly.

    I have a bruise inside my ankle where it got caught between my pedal and the 4WD. I got a real fright !! Had to sit down for ages because thought I might feint. Think I might ice my ankle because it’s throbbing. Maybe the feinting was indication of slight strain or sprain (I usually only feint when I do a sprain / strain and then I feint every time)

    The guy gave me a lift home (20km out of his way) and was very apologetic. He didn’t get up this morning with the intention to hit a cyclist. These things happen. Only 2nd time in 20 years of cycling on the roads (started long distance cycling when I was 10yo). Both times the driver has been in the wrong, has listened to my spray of profanities and anger, and has made sure I was okay afterwards.

    Am thinking I might start work late. Want to get the quote so can get back on my bike quickly and don’t loose too much training time. Also – the quicker I get the quote the less messing around there will be with getting repairs paid for. He or his insurance will want it tidied up quickly.


    Am thinking you should forget work and see a doctor. NOW. What a rotten start to the day, but so glad you are relatively uninjured. But do get to a doctor today as you may have concussion or all manner of deferred hurts that you will only become aware of as the shock wears off …:hug:


    Thanks HBG. I will do that. Will get their number and call as soon as they are open to make an appointment.

    Fortunately, we were both only going 10-20kph. He was breaking, I was pulling away. I’m no physicist, but that’s the best way to minimise impact. I thought for a moment though that I was kangaroo-Edward.



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