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What are you doing today? (Part 2)

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    Noice, thanks Mum :hug:

    Eira Clapton

    HBG that sounds like a lovely group to belong to.

    Nimrodel -woo hoo!

    I am still crook -did make the meeting yesterday afternoon but suffered last night as a result.

    Taking it easy today -will try to get some work done, but only if I feel up to it.

    Have had a lovely drop of rain overnight and so it is very cosy here in chez EMW.


    Get well soon EM:hug:

    I went down town and got my DD dress for the wedding and a jumper and the boys shirts and my out fit, it only cost $45 😆 i likeit, its a skirt and top and vest. So fully non traditinal and casual but thats who i am :lol::shy:

    Jons work is making him work 10 das straight so he can have 2 days offf for our wedding (we gave 7 weeks notice for AL but noooo!) So now we have 1 day to get the things we need to do done cos the wedding is a hour up north:sleep:)

    So im ganna be busy and a tad stressed cos only my family ad a few others RSVP’d so more then half havent and the cutt of date is saturday. :shrug:

    Also greens assesor man is comming on monday and plumber/gas fitter mon or tue morning to give me a quote on plumbing in tanks (last quote and only quote was 1200:jawdrop: so i figured this fella might do us a good deal if he installs the tanks AND sets the gas up for us:tup:

    Paid for te stove,heater and gas hotwater today :tup:

    I felt a burn in my pocket! :p Was nice seeing that much money in the bank 😆 but its for the best right :shy: Yay for tax and being underpaid 😆

    Off my soap box:shy:

    Hope you all have a fabino day!:hug:


    get well EM

    i have the common flu :rip: thanx to my daughter who had it 2 weeks ago. so am quarantined till monday and feeling shokking. hate the aches and high temps and the coughing. BuT the good thing is i can get on here and facebook to my hearts content and hubby cant tell me off for being lazy 😆

    cant go to bed and sleep( i would love 2) as still have 2 b awake for my 5 yr old son( he just gets into toooo much mischief when i dont keep an eye on him. Last week he put the gardening hand fork thru his foot 🙁 lots of tears and a trip 2 the docs, but all heald well.


    OK, for want of my inability to describe the proposed quilt here is the pattern I will be following, with the minor modification of replacing some of the central blocks with a central lozenge with embroidery or applique feature. This is primarily due to me having failed to buy sufficient fabric (quite) to do all the blocks as per the pattern.


    Poor Mini-N… Did he have to get a tetnus shot? Hope you’re felling better soon… :hug:

    HBG… Don’t ya hate it when that happens??? :hug:


    You’re just being impatient Chezza – here it is! But you will just need to imagine the central lozenge. I am going to draw it up on graph paper so I can work out which blocks I am not going to make …

    Eira Clapton

    HBG that looks very impressive :tup: I am imagining the lozenge as hard as I can!:D

    What colours will it be?


    I am imagining the lozenge as hard as I can

    I’m tasting it :tongue:


    Very clever quilt…. :tup: It will be lots of fun to put together!!!

    Having a panel in the middle is also called a medallion quilt….

    I have just got home frome arvo sports training… But tonight is okies as I have already made apricot chicken for tea (plus 2 lots for the freezer :tup: )… I just have to get some veggies organised….

    I have been cleaning out the walk in robe…. I didn’t realise it had got so dusty in there… I have found a few chrissy presents that got forgotten about… And my St George jersey that has been missing for ages!! :tup::tup:

    boy wrangler

    hbg, that quilt is beautiful! I’m am so envious of people who can sew!

    chezza, i just noticed you are in Maryorough too! we only moved here from brissie a couple of months ago, so still finding our way around. might bump into you sometime!

    we’re hoping for a better night than last night! DS2 (almost 5 months) is teething and was up all last night attached to the boob! and with a hyper 2yr old to deal with through the day I need my night sleep. wish me luck, I’m not looking forward to it!


    errr boywrangler, this will be my first attempt at a full-size quilt. I have only made the occasional block before … EMW I have started a thread in the sewing section and have posted a pic of the fabrics and pattern adapted the way I propose to make it.


    Today we had unexpected visitors and made mulberry jelly.

    They wanted some sand (in our trailer) from the creek – so while they loaded I walked with my dickie knee over the soft sand to collect the last 3 giant jap pumpkins on the vine – lovely:tup:

    Made some ph calls – am wanting to consolidate c/c’s and car loan to get rid of higher interest and payments. Sought a pay out figure for the car – and we save $15,000 if we pay that loan out this yr (I know there will be interest on the new loan but $15000 in 3 1/2 yrs???:tongue: – I dun tink soo) We have to wiat till nov tho as DH has to be in his current employment for 12mths. But we can be prepared and ready!

    Had toasted sandwiches for dinner – am so over the food prep thng at the mo:tdown:

    We have been very busy thofor several days – have had sports day at school and a make n bake day for the up coming cake stall. Currently have no wwoofer’s but that can change quickly too. DD and her BF had vomiting and DS#1 had cramps and felt sick, I was the same and little DS had yukkiness too so we have been taking it easy the last 2 or 3 days to catch up with orselves 😉


    Hoping my sausage making machine will arrive today – otherwise I will have to think of something else to do with the pork shoulder which has defrosted.

    Should finish the tapestry today.

    Had a possum walk straight into the lounge room last night – a few apples gave it the directions to get out. What did the dogs do? Had a look at it and then back to sleep they went. Some days are not for chasing possums I guess.

    Eira Clapton

    Still crook -got a doctor’s appointment today so I guess this is another day of taking it very slowly.

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