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What are you doing today? (Part 2)

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    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Today is our RATBAGS day. A communal family GTG in the garden. We will be planting 5 minature fruit trees inside our berry enclosure so as to offer them some protection from possums, planting late potatoes, harvesting brassicas, carrots and parsnips, raising the roof on the berry patch, having a bbq lunch with salads made from the garden and…..I suppose generally enjoying ourselves:tup:

    Hope you have good one to:wave:


    :hug: Luvin :hug: Don’t beat yourself up my friend.


    bluezbandit wrote:

    I need a fish ID book! If its not a flathead or a couta, I haven’t got a clue and usually throw it back.


    Deb, try this site


    Today I am taking a well earned day of rest! Yesterday morning was flat out tidying up, picking up the car from the mechanics, more tidying up and getting the place spotless for the agent to take photos. Phew! I have had it! At least the afternoon was enjoyable.

    Lunch with mum and step dad then the boys went looking at boy stuff and mum and I went to the craft store to pick out some fabric for my wedding quilt 🙂 My Great Aunt, the quilter and sewer of the family has recently found out she might have lung cancer – will be confirmed with an op on the 10th – so she is determined to at least get started on my quilt as soon as possible ‘just in case’ 🙁

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Just posted a pic of my finished quilt on this thread

    I enjoyed the process of making this one -my second quilt -and it is nice to have it finished before I start back at work tomorrow.

    DH has just been out and planted the two pomegranates we bought yesterday.

    Coffee pot is on -yay!

    Slow cooker meal for dinner tonight -lamb chops and veggies.

    Want to send extra hugs to luvin:hug::hug::hug:


    Thanks Jaymes for the fish info:

    Luvin::hug::hug::hug: you do what it takes to make you feel good again !

    Tassie Tiger: sounds like a fabulously productive and enjoyable day, hope the weather is kind down your way.

    I’m just gonna bust my a**e doing housework that hasn’t been done for a month of Sundays. I guess this Sunday will be the day!



    Think happy thoughts luvin:hug:

    Today i’m bottling beetroot, packing pork and going through my travel checklist:)


    Out to cover the chook run and every nook and cranny with bird netting. The sparrows hear the feed bin open and they are there like thieves :@ Let you know if we are successful

    :hug::hug: to Luvin :hug::hug:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Oh, luvin you poor thing. My Mother is haveing really bad problems with depression at the moment. She is on antidepressants and is seeing a phychologist and even these are not helping. I take her out as much as I can and I take her to a class I teach on Mondays, but it is so hard for her, and you. I hurt for her and you. I wish that i could do somethingmore. We love you and are all hoping that you will fell better soon.


    :hug: to Luvin – nothing worse than depression to take the shine off your day – are you seeing the doc and getting meds and counselling? It really is a good idea to get extra help. And meds alone will not fix the problem.

    I have sat in front of the fire all day drawing up the final version of the floor plan for the extension. Bollixed the size of the doors though so have to go back with some whiteout and draw over it. Have also projected an elevation so I can see what it will look like built – seems a little closer to my goal of looking like an enclosed verandah with row of casements all the way along. Especially now i have found some french doors that have an enclosed lower panel and glass at the top.

    Also received a phone call from my sister, a little ‘polite’ and reserved, but better than nothing.:tup: Wish she would sort herself out.

    Wizzbeff, wish the sparrows would raid my chook run. My chooks apparently don’t ‘do’ wheat, so there is a deepening layer of it on the floor of the run. They don’t appear to ‘do’ zucchini either …

    Looking forward to seeing that quilt EMW – will check out the thread!


    Looked after myself this weekend – just doing pleasurable things that don’t take too much energy. Watching Superbad atmos for a bit of a laugh. DW is working late shift again today so have place to myself. Means I can watch trashy movies that she doesn’t like. Maybe will go to bed early with a good book.

    Hung out with my parents, sister, b-i-l and nephews most of the day. Took measurements of the backyard because want to draw up a plan. Have some ideas. Saved some seeds from flowers at parent’s place. Hopefully they will take.


    It was nice enough today to do some well overdue chores outside. We did two tip runs with trailer chockers with green waste (tree prunings) and while hubby was whipper snipping and mowing, I weeded as much as I could in a few hours. It all looks much nicer now and will give me the encouragement to do more this week if the weather holds out.


    :hug: I really hope you feel better tomorrow Luvin :hug:


    Luvin :hug::hug: just go with it and do not fight – allow yourself to self indulge in your depression without giving yourself grief about it – but maybe tell yourself – ‘ok lets’ do this today and tomorrow I will endeavour to do …..’ give yourself permission to go with it and then to rise up from it afterwards – make sense??

    We have had a full w/e. We have 3 woofers so we have been hauling rocks from a nearby creek to outline new garden beds. We mucked out goose, duck and chook night time coops and have hauled dirt from our gully to raise the levels and then put in new shredded paper. (we encountered severe flooding probs in their coops so we hope this alleviates it a bit) We mulched most of the orchard with muck-out stuff.

    We hauled better soil for filling the new gardens – still more to do.

    We remove spent corn and milo plants from veg garden

    We picked a whole bucket of coffee beans and we will start on them tomorrow.

    We dried cherry tomatoes and chilli (learned how to string chillies to dry them from a wwoofer). Then we did the olive oil and dried tom thing in a bottle.

    Ongoing is the peeling of coffee beans prior to roasting.

    DD, DDBF and I went to a family GTG in Big Smoke and stayed o/n. Went to visit my FIL today.

    Friends came out for BBQ dinner and brought their wwoofers too

    Wwoofers went for walk to creek and picked some pumpkins that are growing down there – huge and heavy-yummy

    washing, folding, sweeping etc all happen as well.

    But I actually watched an ENTIRE movie today :jawdrop: gotta have some downtime hey??

    Tomorrow more dirt haulng and we will remove coffee beans from skins


    Well the sale of our house is supposed to go unconditional today (third attempt – it’s been extended twice!).

    AND we put in an offer on a 7 acre property on the weekend and they were CONSIDERING it. So we might hear something back today.

    Come on universe, I’ve been a good girl (lately) ;):D

    Thinking of you Luvin.

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