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What a way to start the year!

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    hugs for you both

    wishing you great days ahead


    Hello all, thanks for your best wishes.

    OH still in hospital….docs can’t seem to decide what to do with him. Went to see him Sunday and he had regressed….really crook and out of it.

    He got cranky last night and asked Doc if he could have some yoghurt, as he has only been on ice chips. Told his bowel is not working due to trauma of gastro.

    Anyway, he had a yoghurt,(against their wishes), held it down….now to wait and see if the body starts working!

    Going to see him tmrw, after 2 day break. Lucky he’s allowed mobil phone so we talk twice a day.

    Fingers crossed that he starts improving soon…miss him so much. The stress is starting to get at me, even though I am keeping myself busy.


    Wow, what an ordeal for both of you… Hope OH is on the mend now and the yoghurt “goes through” alright… :kiss:


    Lots of hugs and hopes for you both Smurfy.(Mods , I really miss the old site “smileys” !)


    prayers fro a healthy recovery for your hubby XXX try and take care of yourself too XXX


    Hey hope everything goes well for you both. Stay positive


    Thought I would update those of you who sent such warm messages of support…thank you.

    Well, after 11 days of hospitalisation, OH is home. After starting to pick up after surgery, he went down hill fast, developing a wound infection from the operation site. It was very icky, burst, and they had to remove 4 staples from the wound to drain it. Lots of antibiotics and several extra days in hospital.

    Anyway, home now, still with open wound site which must be dressed each day. He is, of course on antibiotics and painkillers, and is back eating well.

    Although we are pleased he is home, we are very frustrated with the lack of organisation regarding post discharge wound care/dressings. Blue Nurses can only come once, possibly twice a week (we had to fight for this, as we are half hour from town), so every other day I am doing the dressings. Hospital provided a few, but I will have to buy some saline, sterile dressings, op cite etc,. tmrw…..and it is SO expensive. I was even surprised that Blue Nurses (home nursing) asked if we had our own dressings!!!

    I didn’t realise what an extra pressure and worry illness puts on the finances….especially when we are both disability and carers pensions. Betyween extra fuel to run to and fro hospitals and doctors, then medical supplies and scripts….wow.:S

    Sorry….now I have vented!:( On the other hand, I am so grateful to wonderful nurses who couldn’t have helped us more.:cheer: It will be a slow road, but hopefully we are on the up and up.

    Thanks for listening!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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