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    What an awesome time we at George and Anne’s today!!!! We ate and sang and talked and laughed and danced and took a squillion photos πŸ˜€

    It was such a treat to meet everyone in real life (and speak without typing) and to be in George’s wonderful garden. Having spent the last week involved in a PDC at Bendigo and having visited numerous Permaculture gardens I found myself thinking how I would love the other students to be able to see what I was seeing!

    George is the mulch king of the free world and everything in his garden is healthy and happy and flourishing despite the lack of rain (read: NO rain!!!))

    I’ve taken lots of photos but won’t be able to get them online until the course finishes next week……they’ll be worth the wait.

    Bye for now, speak to you all soon.


    Yes, Cwis, there’s pics of THE T-SHIRT πŸ˜†


    Well im glad you all had a great time i am sufffering get to gether envy :uhoh:

    but happy that you all had such a good time …… hope you got pics of everyone and Gs amazing garden .. looking forward to seeing you back o the site more and in the lounge



    And I talked to them all! George lined me up for a phone call and rang me when everyone was there. It was wonderful to talk to everyone. Almost everyone said how fabulous George’s garden is. πŸ˜€

    I’m really pleased you all had a good time, Tully. I’m looking frowward to seeing the photos.


    How awesome to meet people from here in real life!! πŸ˜€


    There were so many things that were enjoyable but I suppose what I enjoyed most was people’s willingness to share – knowledge, resources, ideas. A pity I couldn’t stay too long because I am currently a petrie dish of bacteria.

    Gringo has done a wonderful job of transforming a barren ex-motorcross yard into a healthy and productive garden. Those fruit trees are going to look great in another year’s time too.

    Well done :tup::tup::tup:


    It was worth the 3 hour drive to visit George and ALS members. What a gorgeous day we had. It was like a family get together. We laughed, shared stories, ate and drank. I feel as though my circle of dear friends has really increased tenfold. Thankyou to George and Anne for your hospitality and thankyou all ALS members for making this such a great site and turning the dream into reality…a real life get together. We have already began planning the next one. At Fran’s wasn’t it???????????


    ps George, your garden is a treat. I have taken away LOTS of ideas…thankyou!

    pps Tulls, hows ya head this morning?


    George I can’t wait to see your garden!! I hope there were a few piccies of the revellers as well!! :tup::tup:


    so bummed I couldn’t make it..

    Fran you having the next one ? :clap:

    I had a local fundraising banquet on… T’is called the Barley Banquet and it was the 11th on this year πŸ™‚

    Attached is a pic of Dan (Ziggy), and his wife Vicky (Stardust) and Samantha and myself…

    Growinf the mo this moth for the fundraiser “Movember” if you enjoy your mo, get along to that website and check it out.


    Ditto E !! It definetly was worth the 3 & a bit hours drive to George’s place yesterday !

    The opportunity to meet ALS people was just terrific, it’s nice to put faces to typing,… LOL !! And as if that wasn’t enough, 10 minutes or so after I arrived, George said someone on the phone Jan,… & bugger me it was Rhonda, wow, that was pretty amazing too ! It was a truly great day, one that will be remembered for a long, long time !

    George’s flourishing vegie garden was fantastic & certainly an inspiration to us all !

    Thankyou George & Anne for a wonderful day, it was a shame it had to end. :hug:

    Have you stopped singing yet Tulls ? I wonder if George will ever ask us to be back up singers again !! πŸ˜†

    Thanks again everyone for making it a really special day, I look forward to the next one :tup:


    For simple folk you guys sure do scrub up a treat!! :tup::lol:

    Great to put faces to some names!

    Cheryle. xx


    Well the Saturday came and went and I guess I can reveal how we felt about it all.

    Over the months previous I felt that the time was right for some of the members of this very successfull site to come together “live”.

    Fran’s initial post re a permaculture course on offer in nearby Bendigo started the ball rolling, Tully’s response re her acceptance and having a day off midway thru the course, increased the impetus, and my suggestion that we all ” get to gether”

    on that day set the pace.

    Well on the day everyone who accepted duly arrived, and it was my treat to be able to introduce everyone as they arrived either by their real name or by their


    It didn’t take long for the ice to break and soon the “family acceptance” manifested itself, people were talking at all levels, but we were all at a common level. We shared food, anecdotes, ideas, and generally had a ball.

    The sun had set, some people had left because of other commitments, but in the dusk the cricket game continued, bikes were ridden around the block, little people

    kicked balls, and adults just rambled around talking, sharing and loathing to say goodbye.

    Some people defied description with their antics, and those people will remain nameless. I won’t be bribed but my bank account number is :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    On a serious note I just want to say thanks for coming, Anne and I loved having you all, and I thoroughly recommend this to any ALS member who may be contemplating a ‘live’ get together



    I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m going to send all the pics of the day to George on disk so he can pick and choose and upload to his album or glog.

    Thought I’d post a couple of group shots in the mean time for the curious…. πŸ˜‰


    From left Gringo, Tamandco, me in the MMRF tshirt, Elizabeth, Glenn, Humbugger, Fran pointing to Belize on the globe and Tash πŸ˜€


    what about some names to the above pics …tulls


    L to R….George, E, Glenn, Fran and Mr and Mrs Ballamara :hug:

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