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We're pre-approved!! next steps??

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    Well I had a phone call from our bank today, the pre-approval on our homeloan application has gone through, employment checks have been done, all we have to do now is get a contract to the bank.

    So at least that is one uncertainty out of the way, we can put an offer on a house without having to be “conditional to sale” (then once we do sell we will drop the mortgage down considerably)

    But thats about as far as the uncertainty goes, we both like living up here and if it wasnt for my work sending me back to Adelaide we wouldnt even be considering it.

    We have talked about the possibility of me leaving my work and getting something local. I have two interviews lined up for January. But one of those is for a 12 month contract filling in for a girl going on maternity leave, and could just be prolonging the inevitable, and the other means leaving the Government.

    DP is finding it increasingly hard to find work up here, as all the big employers have been slowing down over the last six months and as such have drastically reduced the amount of contractors they hire, we’ve been told where he had been working for the last 12 months will start to gear up in the new year and they will have “work coming out of their ears” but as to how much truth there is in that we dont know.

    We dont like the hustle and bustle of the city, but where I’ll be working is in the northern suburbs rather than Adelaide itself, as for DP well we are not sure where he would work but we do know that the job prospects for his field is better from Adelaide, and would most likely be out the Barrossa (wine/manufacturing district) or in the industrial areas of Northern Adelaide, so depending on where we move to hustle and bustle should be limited, and limited to getting to and from work.

    We have found a place that ticks all our boxes (and has extras) just out from the metro area, would be about 30kms for me to get to work, but is in a “Rural Living” area. Like I said has all the must haves, like shedding, access to the back yard for vehicles, secure yard, room for the dog to run around, quiet area, seems to be “nice”. Its on 2 acres, so plenty of room for veggie gardens, fruit trees, rainwater tanks, extra sheds should we need them, chook yards, its all electric which although I like my gas, it does mean that later down the track we could go solar, it even has its own motorcross track down the back of the yard, which impressed DP, even though we both admitted that it would be fun for a bit but then we probably wouldnt use it that much, and it is more motorcross than trail/dirt bike, which is what we have (not interested in doing any sort of jumps, let alone big ones), and then there is the issue of annoying the neighbours, or suddenly obtaining “friends”. Another bonus of this place is an ingound salt water pool, and a spa in the ensuite, like I said extras that weren’t even on the list, we would be happy without them but if they come with the package then all good and well.

    Then there is the timing factor, we have been told that now is not the best time to look for a house and after Christmas there is normally more houses on the market, after people are done with the rush of Christmas, but if we wait there is the chance that we wont find what we want.

    We have gone through all sorts of stages, from “this one seems good I’m sure we could make it work” to “no, lets stay here, pay off the house and do the things that we want to do to this place” to “well it looks like we’re not meant to be up here lets stop trying to fight it and just accept it and try to find something that will work for us, maybe it will be for the best”

    I have been thinking non stop about houses and locations and finances and “if we got this place, where would this go, and if we got that place would we be able to make this change” blah blah blah. I would really like to just switch off and forget about it until the new year, but as much as I tell myself to not think about it, it just doesnt seem to work.

    So watch this space to see where things take us


    Wow!! Things have gone so fast… Well done… You can waste a lot of time and then still go back to the first house you saw… Just keep listening to your gut feeling…. In hind site, many times I wish I had…

    Good hunting…



    Pre approval is good:tup:


    Just to throw a spanner in the works, I have been told today that the job that I have applied for up here (the 12 month fill in maternity leave position) another one of the applicants has won another position (higher level) and now it is down to me and one other person!!!, who may end up doing the same thing.

    Argh!!! That is a good thing, but now it makes the decision harder, do I stick it out and see what eventuates from this interview, possibly missing out on this house that we are thinking about having a second look at, or do we just say bugger it and decide to make the move back to Adelaide.

    If only I knew the answers, or even just who knew the answers!!!


    Well its done!!!

    Yesterday we went and had a second look through this place, and decided that yep we could see ourselves living here, so we put in an offer and they accepted it!!!!!!

    So assuming all the conditions are met (finance, building inspection etc) we should be moving in around mid Feb

    Yes there are things to do but, apart from fixing the back fence where the owners have taken a couple of panels out to access the back paddock, there is pretty much nothing that “needs” to be done, all just wishlist type things.

    My mind is buzzing with all the possibilities of what can be done. There is a bit of landscaped gardens around the place but nothing in the way of fruit trees or veggie gardens I have already claimed my side of the house for chooks and fruit and veggies, I will probably need to get some shade organised being on the West side of the house, but ohh the possibilities are almost endless

    And the pool would be so nice right now…..

    Now to get our house here sold


    :clap::clap: So happy for you!

    Hope your place sells soon :tup::clap::clap:


    Good news, trust it all works out. :tup:


    Ok well all is heading along well so far (touch wood) we had the pest and building inspections done during the week which both came back with no issues, which was what we were expecting, but still wanted to get them done “just incase”.

    Technically our place is on the market, have signed the forms for the real estate agent have a sign out the front, had photos done and it should be in this weeks local paper, and online Monday.

    We spent atleast two days of non stop tidying and cleaning, both inside and out, but i think it made a huge difference. We mowed the weeds which are supposed to be gravel but had transformed into knee hi weeds, pulled out most of the weeds from the front garden beds and mulched them with pea straw. Simple but it looks so much neater, and makes the plants stand out a lot more, and only after almost a week I think I can notice the improvement in the plants themselves, especially in this heat wave, they are actually looking well not just “surviving-just”.

    Inside we have had a huge declutter, finding the top of the kitchen table, the top of the buffet cabinet, even the coffee table and a lounge chair, it was amazing how slack we had got and just piled things up on any surface we could find. We tried to rearrange the lounge as it is one long room which we have sort of informally split into two, but couldnt make it work with the furniture we have so have just made it work the best we can, and look neat and tidy.

    Kitchen benches are almost completely clear, which is very unusual, dishes are being done after almost each meal, incase we have a surprise inspection and have to do a mad dash out the door for the agent to come round.

    I have started to make a list of things to change and clear away, should we have people want to do an inspection, things like change the towels in the bathroom for the “pretty” ones, clear away the pillows we use as cushions on the lounge and the feet seats, clear away the table cloth and place mats on the kitchen table and replace the “centre feature” (which is a basket of eggs), put the dish rack away in the cupboard. Living in a “show home” certainly makes you keep on top of the clutter (or just find good hiding spots for them).

    We still have some work to do on the bedrooms, but the majority is done, and I’m sure people who are “moving to a bigger house” are allowed to have some boxed up things and clutter in a bedroom…..two out of three bedrooms will be very neat and tidy!!!!


    I hope you find a buyer soon :hug:


    Well to update, we have had our first people look through our house, but they are only just starting to look, so we dont hold much hope for anything coming of that, I think they were after a bit bigger house, bit smaller yard and similar sheds, at least it is interest.

    On the buying front we got served the “Form 1” last Thursday, from that we discovered that the rather large inground swimming pool and the rather large verandah doesnt have council approval 😮 . Not something we wanted to take on if it wasnt all done properly. So with two days to “cool off” we were onto the agent to try to find out information, then on to trying to get the vendors to sign something saying that they will obtain council approval before settlement, at their cost. Yesterday I get an email with an attachment signed by the vendors stating that they will “submit” the forms to the council and if any alterations are to be made then they will spend up to $1000 :@ So back to the agent with a “no that isnt good enough” If they wont sign something that says that they will “obtain” council approval then that to me means that they arent confident that council approval will go through, because they have done something dodgey, in which case we dont want to take on those issues and we will pull out of the contract.

    Luckily we are good friends with a real estate agent up here who has been kept in the loop in most of this and had written up something which covers almost everything stating that they are to obtain council approval before settlement at their cost and if they need to do any alterations then that too is at their cost, all in nice clear legal wording, no grey areas. I typed this up and sent it to the agent stating that this is the sort of thing that should be signed by them. She forwarded it on to the vendors and then the waiting game started, I knew they were both working so wasn’t expecting to see it until after 5 or 6pm but at 7pm still nothing had come through, a phone call to the agent and got what had become her usual reply in this saga “I’ll give them a call and find out and call you straight back”

    45 mins later no email and no return phone call, were they just trying to call our bluff and try to hold out until after midnight (when our cooling off ended). In tears I rang DP (who has had to go away for work this week, lovely timing!!! but its with a company who is talking about the possibility of fulltime permanent work after we move, so couldnt say no to it) not knowing how long to wait until I started to organise a cooling off letter, emailing it to DP to sign, him emailing it back then getting it faxed to them, not wanting to pull out of the contract but also knowing that if they werent going to sign on the council approval issue then it may cost us big time in the end. Coming to the conclusion that we would tell the agent if we dont see the letter signed in the next 5 mins then they could expect a cooling off notice on their fax machine within a couple of hours (it was now around 8pm).

    Then through the phone I hear the call waiting beeps, its the agent telling us that the vendors have signed it and she has just emailed it through (wheres the jumping up and down ultra excitedly smiley). Everything is at the vendors cost and they will obtain the council approval before settlement.

    So after some very big stressing it is all go, if the council takes longer than 3 weeks to give the approval it will mean that settlement is pushed back but in talking to council it should only take 2 weeks, and if it comes back that the structure is not structurally sound then we have an out to the contract unless they make it structurally sound.

    We really werent looking forward to starting the process all over again to find another place that we were happy with (especially after spending around $1000 on inspections and valuations), but we also didnt want to try to fix up someone else’s dodgey work, or wear the consequences. So now heres hoping that they have done everything right and council approval goes through smoothly and quickly!!!!!


    Glad it all seems to be working out ok:D

    I remember the stress level when we sold our Texas place… sure adds to the grey hairs/wrinkles!:tongue:

    Moon SphinxMoon Sphinx

    What a start to the new year, hey? I’m sure everything is working out for your best interests. :tup: Keep us posted. 🙂



    Well looks like settlement is planned to go ahead on the 5th of Feb, thats only a week and a half away!!!!! argh!!!!!

    So we are trying to organise for removalists quotes, and trying to organise a date for the big move. Difficult because DP has had at least one definate job offer and although it isnt exactly what he wants to do it is a job, but he has also been told by another company that there is talk about offering him full time permanent work (in his field doesnt come along too often), so he is sort of trying to hang out to see what the go is there, but doenst want to wait too long or say no to the other job just incase nothing comes of it, then he is without any work. Hopefully we should know something tomorow.

    Then we can start to see if we need to move everything on the weekend before he starts work, or if we can take a bit longer.

    On the other side of things we have had an offer made on our house, but it is conditional to them selling their house so trying to decide what we want to do there, if we accept it could mean waiting around for 3 months and then being in the same situation as now if their house doesnt sell. A positive is that they will be going through the same agent, and putting it on the market for the price he recommends, so hopefully if we do agree it should sell relatively quickly.


    Hope everything works to your best result! 😀

    Exciting ( and scary lol) times huh?


    Ok update time again.

    We should have been in the new house two days ago but we have had to extend the settlement date to the 15th of Feb. Apparently it’s all to do with the house that the people that we are buying off of are buying. Their bank wouldnt sign off on their finance (for their new house) until their house (the one that we are buying) was “unconditionally sold” meaning that everything in the contract was met and we couldnt back out. So by the time they got our letter of finance from our bank and the council approval sorted, their bank was saying that they wouldnt have all the documentation ready in time for the settlement date, and that they wanted both properties to settle on the same day, hence holding ours up.

    So our conveyancer has been earning her money trying to determine a date that the bank would be ready to settle, they were talking about the 22nd, she managed to get it to the 15th, still not ideal but better than the 22nd.

    Removalists are organised, still have to organise for services to be connected, we’re trying to use as much as we can out of the fridge and freezer to save on moving it in eski’s.

    So now we are pretty much just waiting for time to pass.

    The offer that we had on the house, turned into a contract!!!!. With a bit of negotiating we got the price we were after and no “subject to sale”. So we are just waiting for them to get approval for their finance and that is all go!!!!!! I think that if for some reason this contract falls through there was at least one other person/couple that wanted to put in an offer, but we had already accepted this one.

    I cant wait until it is all over with, it has all been a bit to stressful for my liking!!!

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