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    Tassie Tiger

    Well there you go you learn something new every day on this site:jawdrop: 900 odd posts and I didn’t know this thread existed:( or had I forgotten about it???:confused: :confused: (more than likely)

    So welcome to ALS all those who have joined in recent times. Its not the destination but the journey that’s important so I hope you all enjoy the journey to simple living:metal:


    Same here TT but there is so much to read and if you are like me, I catch up over coffee or lunch or a quick break easys to miss stuff like this.

    Welcome all from me to :wave: its a great site.:D


    Hi, I’m cedar and i just joined today. I’m living very simply, and loving it. No car (10 k’s to the shop), no electricity, no sewerage, no garbo’s,no newspapers,no radio, and my dial up internet only lasts as long as the batteries last. A perfect life. There’s a big garden happening, and it’s amazing what you can buy by mail/online/phone. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all, as long as the batteries last!!


    WELCOME ALL THE NEWBYS, I also didnt know about this thread:p


    Hi, I’m so glad to find an Aussie simple living forum 🙂

    I’m downsizing and simplifying my life as I reach my late 40’s and my children will soon be leaving home. I would happily live with very little but have a partner that likes his creature comforts! but we compromise and it seems to work for us.

    I’m looking forward to meeting like minded people here to share the journey with.

    Tassie Tiger

    Gooday Janet and welcome to ALS:wave:

    Where abouts are you?

    Enjoy the journey to simple living:metal:

    fluffy chook

    Hi Janet:wave: Great site..heaps of info..and lots of lovely people..good luck :tup::D:D


    hi janet I am new here too


    hi everyone and welcome to ALS 🙂



    my name is Sharon, I just joined ALS.

    I live in gippsland, with my hubby, 2 kids, doggie, chooks, horses and alpacas. We have just installed an off grid solar power system – which has been a long time dream come true. 😀

    We have a young but large vegy garden, and are like so many trying to be selfsufficient. I make sourdough bread, and spin yarn from our alpacas to make our own jumpers.

    Upcomming projects here are – getting a house cow, breaking in our clydesdale horse to do farm work, growing wheat and other grains, cutting hay by hand (with a scythe) and making hay stacks.

    We are passionate about living simply and sustainably.


    Hi everyone!!

    I’m new too… and what a fantastic site!!! Just what i need!

    I’m living in the yarra valley Vic and am very keen to get my veggie garden up and running again & to begin living a more self sustainable existence. I had my first baby in January this year & now that i’m a ‘mostly’ stay at home mum… i have visions of baking my own bread, preserving and growing my own veggies. Have a looong way to go yet but hey… thats where you guys come in right???



    Lol, welcome Yarrabee, yes that is where this site comes in. Seems like a hard row to hoe at times, but it is worth it in terms of quality of life!


    Hi! everyone :wave: Welcome to ALS :metal:

    Hey TT I didn’t know it was here either lol :shy:


    Hi everyone goldstone here and thrilled to find such a wonderful site. Am working hard to get my garden producing organically grown vegetables and loving having 4 gorgeous chooks again to help the whole process. I am on the central coast.:tup::wave:


    Hi Goldstone:wave: Good to have you on board.:tup:

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 188 total)
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