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Weird garlic from shop?

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    Hi all,

    My hubby was lucky enough to find some organic, Australian garlic at coles recently, and since he knows I would have pounced on it he bought me some :kiss: (romantic aren’t we?)

    …. BUT, when I opened it (yes, from its ridiculous plastic shrink wrapped overpackaging) turns out there are only 2 cloves in each bulb, so each of the cloves are a whopping half the bulb :huh:

    Is this what is called ‘elephant’ garlic? or ‘society’ garlic ?? I’ve heard of them both, don’t know if they are the same thing, don’t know if thats what we have here.

    I won’t bother with a pic, I’m sure you can imagine it (!) the whole bulb would be normal size, just the individual cloves are giant. Tastes fine, but not very strong.

    Does anyone know if the medicinal properties are as good as regular garlic?

    (BTW- I have ordered my own organic aussie garlic to grow soon, so hopefully I’ll have my own much better garlic next year)


    HI I reckon you have elephant garlic by the sounds of it. I dont know of any med properties as Im growing it for the first time this year.


    not sure mm,

    could be elephant just i thought elephant garlic was a single bulb like an onion, there is another larger clove model called russian garlic, could it be that russian not as strong as that aussie grown one with the maroon colouring on it.



    You should be able to tell by its accent :whistle:

    Doc 😉


    Maybe Doc, but I’ve never heard an elephants accent 😛


    gardenlen post=314092 wrote: not sure mm,

    that aussie grown one with the maroon colouring on it.


    :laugh: you wouldn’t have the “state of origin” on your mind by any chance :clap:


    When I was in New Orleans I had a half garlic roasted with a little olive oil. The whole thing was slightly larger than a cricket ball (cut through all cloves)I was told it was called elephant garlic because of its size. It was a milder version of ours but other than that and the size it was just like an ordinary bulb. Don’t know if that helps but I have been searching for it ever since.



    I was given some huge garlic cloves about 2 months ago and I immediately thought of elephant garlic, but a visiting friend said it was probably russian. Anyways, I planted the five cloves in the veggie garden and they’re all growing. Don’t know if it will be one big bulb or cloves. Never grown the big ones before.


    Green Harvest sells elephant garlic. They say it is also known as Russian garlic. Apparently elephant garlic is not a ‘true’ garlic but is closely related to a leek.

    Edited to add it is only available from there from mid March to April so we have missed out this year…


    Thanks everyone – Steve that link above does look like what I have. :tup:

    I’m not sure I’d grow it anyway, I much prefer the smaller ‘proper’ garlic, but then I’m in a cold area so growing it easy …in theory :blush: We will see how I go in practice!

    I just received my garlic for planting this afternoon from garden express YAY! along with some mixed potatoes.

    Last I checked gardenexpress (online) still had proper garlic left if anyone still wants some – purple and white ones. (I’m not advertising for them but have used them for bulbs too and they have been very good. Even sent me a generous free gift this time!) :tup:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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