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Weed killer to replace glyphosate?

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    At our place we have an agreement DP can yse weed spray on the ornamental areas of the garden but he isnt allowed anywhere near my garden (fruit and veg)…..the agreement is If I dont want him spraying the weeds then I have to keep them under control.

    Most of it is not a problem as it can be mowed with the ride on, and the remaining areas are fairly easy to keep under control by pulling them out by hand.

    Since we had some lovely weather over the weekend, we started looking at the yard in terms of snakes (we are in brown snake teritory)and I resorted to spraying the fenceline with Glyphosate. Its an area about 30cm wide where we just cant get close enough to mow. While I was doing it I was having an internal argument with myself, in that I really didnt want to be using this any more than I had to, but I also want to make the area around the house as univiting to snakes as possible (hence keeping grasses and weeds down low) and it had got to the stage where it was just too much to try to do by hand.

    I have sort of prioritised the areas of pulling out weeds to around the veggie beds, around the fruit trees and by the fences where I have raspberries and black berries nearby, but even this I am strugling with at this time of the year.

    Due to the distance and area which needs to be covered (we are not on an urban block) boiling water is out of the question, although I had thought of the possibility of a portable steam mop, but I doubt this will work.

    I had heard that vinegar works? has any one used this and had success?


    I have just found this which sounds positive.

    Might have to do my own experiment.


    Whippper snipper gives you mulch and slashes a few snakes for blood and bone if they are there.

    Its virtually impossible to be snake free ,I just had a baby brown come out of a pile of compost,I didnt even see it as I dug there and it disappeared into very short grass.

    Had a king brown under a pineapple a few days back too and a eastern brown in some ground cover a few weeks back and a taipan a few months back.

    Probably had heaps more that I didnt even see.


    As long as I and the dog dont see them they are welcome to stay, I just dont want them to feel overly welcome!!!

    Yes had thought about the wipper snipper


    I would prefer they went somewhere else.

    I dont use round up or like to pull weeds as I like the roots to remain in the soil and rot down adding bacteria, soil structure and oxygen.

    So whipper snipper comes out when it gets a little snakey


    Yep .. vinegar works a treat .. not 100% on the dosage though – seems to vary for different weeds and how wet the ground is.

    Good luck 🙂


    Wippersnipper, goat, salt, flame gun, weed mat, wee….


    porgey post=357993 wrote: Wippersnipper, goat, salt, flame gun, weed mat, wee….

    Sounds like the song lyrics from REM’s “End of the World”’s_the_end_of_the_world_as_we_know_it_(and_i_feel_fine)

    That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane


    slightly OT, but we went to a fabulous Snake Awareness presentation from “Working with Wildlife” the other week – really really interesting about their behaviour, what to do if you see one, and first aid (just in case). If you ever get the chance out your side of town, make an effort to go! I still don’t want to see them around our property, but I will feel better/safer now if I do 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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