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    Save money and the environment with Wee Wipes.

    Hand made by myself from soft flanalette material.

    Haven’t heard of Wee Wipes before? Wee wipes are used by women for number ones instead of using toilet paper. :clap: A small bucket with a lid or a pedal bin can be kept beside the toilet with a little soaker water in it to put the used wipes in until wash day. Then simply wash, dry, fold and use again and again and again. 🙂

    Colours available are navy blue, pink and white with cupcakes. Each wipe measures 48.5cm x 15.5cm.

    There are limited numbers available so get in quick.

    I have available:

    30 x cupcakes design

    29 x pink

    23 x navy

    And they cost only $1.00 per wipe. Order yours by replying to this post OR email Paypal or bank deposit is available and there will be an aditional postage cost of $7.20 per order (cost of 500g pre-paid satchel).


    I am surprised you can make them for that price. Also I never realised they were that large, I just thought they were about hanky size.

    Great idea though, good luck.


    how would these work for diaper wipes?


    Kckmummy. My friends mum made her similar things instead of wet wipes for their son. They were round, same material as above, but double thickness and overlocked on the side. She used those and a bottle of water in her nappy bag. I made similar ones, and instead of water i would use soborlene at change time.


    Fats! :hug: :kiss:


    :wave: :hug:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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