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Weber or kettle-style bbq

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    Like most of you, probably, we tend to eat salads etc in summer for tea, but we like to have the odd piece of fish as well, or chicken sausages or whatever and I’m thinking of getting something like this to prevent the heat in the kitchen.

    Any experiences with them? We don’t want a large one. Are they easy enough to clean? How often do you have to buy the coals for them?

    Right now I’m considering a Jumbuck one I saw at Bunnings for around $80.



    Theyre great Becca, we have a similar one called a Mecco.

    Normally get 2 cooks out a layer of coals, adding a few fresh coals on the 2nd time round.

    But you probley wouldnt get get 2 cooks out of it if you spend a long time standing around it drinking a cold one for 2 hrs:metal:, and then taking another 2 hrs to finally cook the food! 😉

    I have cooked bread and scones on ours, along with stirfry’s (put pan on the grill) and lots of joints of meat.

    And its great to get out of the kitchen on a hot summer perth day!!


    I got ours from the local markets for $40. Love it. Granted we dont use it that much (we have a little 4 burner camp stove on the back verandah for summer cooking) but roast pork done in it is THE BEST!!

    Webber has a website with recipes/ instructions which would be useful for any make of kettle style bbq. I think with our webber now and the camp stove our all singing, all dancing big BBQ (that DH HAD to have) rarely gets used now 😉


    Might be a bit more than what you are looking at spending but I have just bought an “Ozpig”.

    Basically it is a 9kg gas bottle (professionally) made into a little pot belly stove complete with a door at the front, a chimney, and a hole in the top which you can put a frypan/campoven over and cook on and two plates or either cooking on or keeping things warm, the top one swivels over the hole to either use for cooking or to control the fire/smoke (open for big flames fast burning, closed over for slower burning).

    It all comes apart and the legs and the chimney all fit inside the “belly” making it portable too. We got it because we wanted something like a chiminea which we could use in the back yard but this also allows us to take it camping.

    We have had ours for a couple of weeks now and although we havent used it for cooking on we have fired it up quite a few nights and just sat around it (enjoying a fire under the veranda!!!!)

    Thats the other thing because it is off the ground but still quite low it can be used under verandas etc.

    We have found it to be quite economical on the timber usage too, generally what you would class as kindling on a normal campfire is perfect. The best stuff we have used has been the maximum of wrist size, and we have managed to find redgum fallen twigs and branches along a creek near our place, and pine cones are good aswell, but it is also able to be used like a webber with heat beads


    Wow, Vanessa, that is really cool!

    We have a fake Webber that we won in a raffle years ago. It’s cheap and nasty but actually works, which is nice. We started cooking really great pizzas on ours last year, but have been less organized since moving.

    One important consideration which I was pleased to have pointed out to me when we started using our bbq is that there’s charcoal and there’s charcoal. The heat beads you buy in the stupormarket are full of chemicals that you might prefer not to be in contact with your food. You can buy charcoal with no chemical additives at the big hardware stores. It’s more expensive than heat beads, but a great deal better for your health and probably the environment too.

    Good luck with cooking up a storm outside!


    Good to hear your reports about them. I didn’t realise about the charcoal/heat beads thing – thanks mudhen. :tup:

    Vanessa, that is pretty awesome! :clap: You’re right, it’s a bit more than we need, but very impressive.

    GirlFriday, we have looked for second-hand ones recently but haven’t seemed to have much luck; might be worth another look to see if something’s come up in the meantime. :tup:

    You’re right, d-d-s, it’s certainly got to be better than cooking inside on the hot Perth evenings. I can’t help feeling it’s counter-productive and more than a little stupid to have to put the air-con on to cool down the house when I’ve just heated it up by cooking in it! :geek:

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