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    Yesterday in SA it was beautiful around 21 on the coast

    Today a cyclone gust up to 100ks along the open areas of the south coast

    trees down all over the place. We have lost 3 big trees down the back and the neighbours gum has come over the fence.

    They both work so won’t know till she gets home.

    We have a 60foot gum at the end of the driveway so if it goes the driveway will be blocked.

    Hubby will pull it into

    the empty block next door. Its is swaying in cicles and bending in half.


    its insane isnt it Robyne.

    Id really hate to be flying in this sort of weather


    oooohh – hope you will all be OK!


    The first day of spring the sun came out and said “look at me it’s spring!!!!” then just as a reminder it’s letting us know that spring is time for windy weather.

    Good luck, I do hope the tree in the front doesn’t come down.

    I’m staying indoors today! Luckily i have been learning to knit so I have something to do. Not keen on being blown over outside :laugh:


    Me and my granny trolley coming home from work, almost lost our feet, its that bad

    my daughter on her way home from school, sent me a pic of a sign, it was leaning over, up high very badly

    her comment was, I think I might just walk around that one.

    and when I went past it as I was going home, the fire brigade where there trying to work out what to do with it


    This wind is incredible! It’s blown the laserlite off the seedlings and the tarp off the wooden oven. Grrrr.


    it is shocking isn’t it – our house shakes and the fireplace rattles! thankfully no known damage here today, but i’ve hardly left the house. The cat went out for a little while, when I called him back in he was getting blown sideways :blink: happily curled up in front of the fire now though.


    I sat at the park watching my girls play and felt it all roll in this morning. It was certainly impressive here!


    The big tree held on its got more of a lean then before but he ground is so wet here,

    Next door is clearing away the fallen trees he a few. We lost a large limb off of one tree.

    but lost a tree that was blown over a few years back and we managed to get it back in the ground and regrowing

    I thought it might hold on but the ground is soggy down there.

    Son is sick again and he kept granddaughter home as did several mothers that day.


    It’s shocking weather isn’t it. We’ve had a gust of 95km/hr yesterday, thankfully we haven’t had any trees come down (that I know of yet). I am a little over it by now and feeling rather :S . I tried to do some vege gardening this arvo but came inside and bunkered down instead.


    gorgeous outside today


    Hi all, Crazy wind in Tassie as well. It has been going for three days now and is still pretty strong. A near miss at the Salamanca markets yesterday,.,.they called the market off because of the wind and just after the stall holders had packed up a huge…really huge elm tree fell, right where the stalls and people attending the markets had been…literally, ten minutes earlier,. Someone must have known something. Our wind generator has been working overtime,…glad it is still in one piece.


    Hi mauzi! Nice to have you pop in.Hope all your projects are going well.How’s that bunny?

    Thank goodness that decision was made re the markets………….

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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