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    We listed our home for sale today.  If you or anyone you know is interested please take a look

    is a 3 bedroom (plus studio) mud brick house with a wrap around
    verandah so the kids can ride their bikes around if it is raining.  Most
    of the timber in the house is from Cowra’s old bridge.  I believe that
    half the town came out to help build this place.  We are on about 11
    acres with an established mixed orchard, some grazing land, some remnant
    bush, and only being 5km from town gives us the best of both worlds. 

    We are going to miss this place but selling is the right thing to do.


    Lovely place Mukluk, I can imagine you will miss the place.  Why are you moving?


    Bel we are really going to miss it.  Living here has been almost like a dream.  We grow our own fruit and vegetables, raise our own meat and eggs, we have had a milking cow in the past, our neighbour grows wheat so it happy to give us a bag to grind into flour every now and again.  The only thing I would have liked that this place is missing is solar panels.

    We have to move due to health reasons.  I fractured my spine a few years ago and it has started to deteriorate rather badly.  We knew this would happen but I thought I had another 20 years before we reached this point.  The only sensible option unfortunately seems to be move to town. 

    I think my kids are going to have a bit of a culture shock moving back to town.  Hopefully we find somewhere with a large yard so we can still have a small vegetable garden and some chickens.


    Oh how heartbreaking Mukluk! 

    Your house is a dream… I hope you can find exactly what you need and some peace and clarity whilst your at it.  Healing to you.


    I love the fruit tree plan- if I was in the market for a house that would be a bonus selling point that would make me want to look at the house 🙂 Good luck for your sale and your change of address.


    Thank you for the kids words.  While I am sad about leaving I am happy that we got to experience this place at all.  My kids have loved it here too.

    As well as the established mixed orchard I also have two vegetable
    gardens which are filled with perennial vegetables and (depending on the
    season) various heirloom vegetables. These fruit and vegetables can be eaten/preserved or sold at
    markets to produce an income. Having two vegetable gardens
    allows you to grow different varieties of vegetables without the fear of
    cross pollination, this allows seed saving to be easier and provides
    the option of selling heirloom vegetable seeds and seedlings. It also
    makes it easier for you to breed your own varieties of vegetables. 

    We also have some extra things that can be purchased, we can negotiate
    price if you are interested in any/all of these. These are not for sale
    until the house is sold:

    Tractor + implements (slasher, carry all, cement mixer, ripper, etc), ride on mower

    4 different chicken tractors (2 large, 2 extra large, we move them around the orchard so that we can control pests organically)

    Dorper sheep (currently 1 ram, 5 ewes and 2 lambs)

    3 female alpaca herd guards, all breeding age, can be pregnant prior to sale (I am really going to miss the alpacas)

    muscovy ducks (currently 1 drake and 8 unrelated female ducks)

    Plymouth rock chickens (currently 2 different pure bred flocks consisting of 1 rooster and 5 or 6 hens per flock)

    4 araucana cross chickens (currently 1 large white, 1 large black, 2 bantam brown)
    Chainsaw and axe
    Possibly some extra roosters, but they may all go to the freezer before we sell.

    The animals could be bred to be eaten as well as helping out on the property as well as eggs/young can be sold to generate income.  We had guinea fowl in the past and they used to generate quite a lot of money for us each year though us selling fertile eggs and day old keets.

    My beautiful property has lots of options!!!


    Looks amazing.


    This property sounds excellent – sorry your health is forcing you to move!

    Have you found somewhere else yet? Are you looking ay staying in the same town?

    Mudbrick houses have so much character.


    Living here has been amazing, we have got to do a lot of things that I do not think we would have done anywhere else.  I guess a lot of that was probably just from living out of town though.

    We have not found anywhere to move yet, we are trying not to look until we find a buyer for this place.  I am guessing that rural properties generally sell slowly and I don’t want to fall in love with a place and then have to rush to sell here.  The plan is to move from here into a rental and then decide where to from there.

    We only moved here because of this property.  We had never even been out this way before we saw this house.  When we sell I will probably think about getting a new job or a transfer and leaving the area to be closer to family.  We are not making any decisions until we have found a buyer.


    Our place is still for sale.  Interest rates are at an all time low, the RBA is predicting that they will fall again this year.  If you know anyone who is interested it may be worth their time having a look.

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