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We just bought a house on 3 acres!

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    Thanks everyone- it has been a lifelong dream of mine 🙂 I also wandered into the little local hospital and asked if they had any positions and they were keen to have me.

    Now comes the biggest learning curve of our lives :woohoo:


    Awesome GirlFriday :hug: :hug:

    The beginning of a dream…

    I’m so happy for you and wish for you happiness and abundance and many years of joy tending your patch of earth. :clap: :tup: :hug:


    Sounds as though it’s all coming together for you. :tup: :clap: :wave:


    Congratulations on your exciting news! As someone who can speak with (a bit of 🙂 ) experience, make sure you savour and celebrate this time – it is a dream come true. And, before you know it, the years will have passed, your gardens will be growing, and this new beginning will seem like a distant memory 🙂


    Congrats Girl Friday.

    We made our tree change to a 3 acre property just over 9 yrs ago – best thing we’ve ever done.

    Also wishing good things to all those signing contracts at the moment too.

    :tup: :clap:


    It is an amazing feeling- everything we have ever aspired to has come to fruition. Now for the long list of things to do, trees to plant, skills to learn…..bring it on!


    So 1 year and 5 months on , how is it going ?


    Lovely! I now have two bee hives and more honey than I know what to do with. A moody two titted jersey cow who gives us lovely fresh creamy milk, more chooks- I am getting into breeding Croad Langshans- a heritage breed and ducks. More fruit trees going in the ground every pay day and a wild and woolly vege patch. Grew our first watermelon 🙂

    Learnt the hard way to ALWAYS get the cow preg tested before forking out primo dollars for a ‘preggie’ cow.

    Learnt how to milk, the finer arts of electric fencing and have been devouring books on holistic pasture management.

    Life is good 🙂


    absolutely awesome!!


    Lovely to get an update Girl Friday. It all sounds good to me, must be a lot of hard work of course but so fulfilling when it is all your own. :tup:

    Thanks Dan for asking the question.



    Love the sound of your property GirlFriday, have you ever considered doing a little walk around and putting it on YouTube. Be great to see some of the wonderful things I’ve read about.

    I do something similar… you can check it out at

    (not self promotion… just love seeing things/ properties/ ideas people are passionate about!


    We finally met the person who owns the land beside and behind our block (it used to be part of this one) and he said our place looks the best it has in 10 years. It was nice to hear. Especially when you have such big plans for things so that everything seems to go slowly and take a lot of time and money. I am happy with the way the front garden is turning out and I chopped down two more privet bushes- so many of them here and I have plans to replace them with many, many other native trees and a few ornamentals like a flowering dogwood and a couple of Banksia roses.

    I have planted three pear trees, early, mid and late season ones that will cross pollinate. I have been fertalising everything with cow poo ‘tea’.

    Dont you hate it when your plans far outweigh your budget?


    Well done Girl Friday! Sounds like you’re making great progress on a limited budget :tup:


    Thanks for the tour of your property slowlynow, very inspiring




    It’s really nice to see an update of things going well. Good luck to you and yours!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 48 total)
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