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    I have started one of my girls schooling and its been going great for about 4 months now. Another of my girls started last week as she was very unhappy at school. Both have shown great abilities in different areas and I am schooling them to their individual talents and working on their weaknesses. I dont know if this is the right thing to do but the guy from the board of studies seems to think its ok.

    We are moving north as soon as I can sell our house and the kids (all 4) want to attend ‘normal’ school when we get there but I am worried as to how they will fit back in! Has anyone one this before?

    Penny A

    We have homeschooled our children for 31/2 yrs.4 children 9,11&13 when they came out of school The youngest has never been.DD. 17 returned in yr.11 (2 years ago.) and dd16 has just returned to school for her senior years. She has never been to High school. She seems to be doing OK so far(early days yet). She knows she can return home at the end of the first semester if it doesnt work and this has made it easier for her.

    Our dd 8 has decided she is never going to school. She loves the freedom of being home .:clap:

    Make the most of the time you have now. You may well find that in a few months or so they may have changed their minds. Dont rush your second dd into work too fast. Give her time to “deschool” and enjoy being with you.:tup:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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