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    Hi Dobly. Like everyone says, too big, too difficult. Also, you still need a pump, so no real savings at all as far as I can see.


    Oh, Flicker… You gave me a good old belly laugh!! :hug::hug: I could see it all playing out in my minds eye!!! 😆

    Thanks for the heads up about the smaller tank, Mumchook… With kids it would be a great saving to have those few litres sitting there… I’m going to put your idea in my little book for my next place!!

    Interesting thread, Dobly!! :tup:


    I found out the neighbours built theirs about 20 feet high. It was apparently quite an effort. :confused:

    Flicker, oh my gosh! 😆

    To Chezza (or anyone else interested), we have the pressure tank sitting on the pump but also the 12 litre water container on the kitchen bench for drinking from, etc.

    Bala, there is a garden sprinkler specifically designed for gravity fed systems which I have, see here:


    Those sprinklers do work well, but as the water gets thrown up into the air in a spray they are quite wasteful of water. I am starting to look for some of those soakit hoses that are permeable throughout their length and which just slowly leak water into the ground at root level (very useful for my future hedge especially).


    HBG, we use outside water pumped up from the spring fed creek into a tank which then gravity feeds into the sprinkler. Don’t use it often but found it good.

    I’ve tried the black soaker hoses (until hubby put a spade through it in a few places :rip: 😆 ) which was sort of fine although water oozed out along it’s entire length and that was a bit wasteful too, actually, depending on what you have planted there. It’s now in hose heaven…

    We set up drip irrigation in the vegie garden which is great IF the holes are where you want to plant your plants, and as I’m generally not the straight lines, plant at 15 or 30 cm intervals type of gardener, this has it’s limitations too, although great for brassicas and the like.

    We hand water all our new trees with buckets until established then tell them they have to mostly fend for themselves unless it’s extremely hot for many days. I’ve found teenage boys to be excellent in bucketing water to fruit trees, helping to apply seaweed etc. 😀

    And that’s what I’m going to have to stick at unless something better presents itself! 😆


    Lol, for teenage boys I have to substitute a wheelbarrow with a bucket in it. I have tubes either side of my fruit trees for direct watering, but will expect them to fend for themselves during dry weather unless, as you say, it is protracted. I think the hose will work well on the hedge as a) it is closely planted, b) it is on a slight slope so what doesn’t go to one plant will go to the next one down and c) once it is in, I won’t be digging anywhere near it.

    Have yet to work out a system for the veges, but as they will be raised beds will probably wick them


    Sorry for hijacking this thread, by the way, Dobly!! Whoops! 😆

    Wicking beds seem highly attractive. I began experimenting with building one but didn’t get very far and must start up again. After reading lately of the success of this system and even setting it up in old fridges and the like, I’m quite impressed.

    Unfortunately teenage & older boys have work and study too, so it’s most often me and hubby wheelbarrowing buckets around as well. Makes one strong, builds up muscles and hopefully does something good for the ol’ bone density!!

    :tup: 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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