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Water pump advice please

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    Hello All

    I started googling for advice on buying a water pump, but thought I would come ask the friendly people at ALS.

    I moved into this place in March and it has a lovely 22000L tank full of water that I can’t really use as it has no pump, just gravity fed into the garden tap, which doesn’t even have enough pressure to use a garden hose 🙁

    So I have two options. Find out how to get it connected to the house, which could be costly (correct me if I am wrong), or buy a pump and just use it for all the watering in the garden.

    I am leaning towards option two at the moment as money is tight.

    So my question is, where and what type of water pump do I buy for the tank and secondly will the pump place install or do I organise a plumber?

    How much do you think I might be looking at spending to get my rainwater tank functioning?

    Thank you in advance 🙂


    Kristy, having gone through the same thing I suggest that you ring Reece Plumbing or another plumbing supply store. They can tailor a pump to your exact needs and will as all the questions that are specific to your site. 22000 litres, you lucky thing.


    Thanks Porgey I will have a look at the local plumbing supplies and give them a call. Do they install as well?


    Get advice from pump store by all means, however if you are on limited funds, you can go to any hardware store and get pressure pumps from around $100 or even less. Now it aint gunna be a grundfos, the rolls royce of pumps, but for you needs be fine. Get one with a run dry sensor so it turns off when water runs out.

    These are very basic to install, in other words, sit them on the ground and connect hoses, no need to be plumbed in with rigid pipes. Assuming there is a tap outlet on ur tank.

    Pump shops will install a whole set up for you, but will over engineer it and you will pay.


    Places like Reece, Camerons and other plumbing supplies can sell you a pressure pump. If you want it to run the taps in your house, one of the usual questions is how many taps will you have turned on at the same time. My answer (for us) was 2-3 at the most, and that meant the relevant pump for us (from the range available) was about $230. (As our’s is out in the open, it also has a hood for another $80).

    It then needs a plumber to hook it up if you want it to feed into your house.

    If there’s no outdoors powerpoint nearby, you’ll also need an electrician to put one of those in….

    When we first started out, we got a cheap 350W submersible at Bunnings ($150 I think), connected up a hose and dropped it into the tank. When we wanted to hose the garden, we ran an extension lead across to the pump lead….


    g’day kristy,

    close to being DIY if you have any handyman skills, buy an electric on demand water pump i think for the house one that will do 4 taps is what to ask for, look for specials at all the pump shops, have had good run with grundfos but this time we opted for an onga, on special.

    probably at least best you buy the pump yourself and if need be have plumber fit it, or if in council control area, have plumber create a connection to you main pipe and then you do the rest all pretty easy really. we still have a gravity feed tap for our tanks handy for getting buckets of water for dog etc.,. without using pump.

    yes probably need sparky to fit external power source.



    When I installed our two tanks, they were on special and included were the onga pressure pumps. The tank supplier might be another source of information.

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