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    I have a frightfully neglected batch of water kefir grains.   I did nothing at all to them for an

    extremely long time, shame on me.     Then I decided to try to revive them which I did and which

    they did, then I became ill and the poor things were left to their own devices for 8 months or so.

    Next time I took notice of these intrepid wee things there was something hanging in the jar and,

    bless my soul it looks very much like a kombucha scoby.   Not only that but the scoby has produced


    My question is:     Has any one had any experience with such a thing and what does one do with a

    water kefir scoby?

    Will it now be possible to make water kefir drinks from the scobies do you reckon????????

    I certainly intend to experiment with them but some guidance wouldn’t go astray folk.



    Hi Bobbee, I have never heard of this before so am of no help to you, but I am very keen to hear more.  I must admit I love water kefir.

    Have you tried to do a batch of kefir with the scoby?  Does it taste much the same (assuming that you are brave enough to taste it)?  Does the mother scoby produce a new scoby each time?

    I was also wondering, do you have kombucha?  Do you think it is possible that the kombucha somehow infected the water kefir and this is kombucha scoby?


    Hi Mukluk,

    Thanks for being interested, I was hoping for lots of comments and info, there’s still time of course.

    I haven’t yet tried to make a batch of kefir with the scoby, but I will.

      I only have kombucha drinks not the scoby one.  Hope that makes sense, the drinks are gifted to me regularly.

    The kefir is always covered by a stocking and they are never out and open at the same time.



    Hi Bobbee,

    From my personal experience with badly neglecting my water kefir, you have made water kefir vinegar and the floaty bit you have found is the vinegar mother.  I think I started a thread on here last year about making water kefir vinegar, I’ve got a couple big jars still sitting on my counter brewing but haven’t yet bought a thingamejig for testing the acidity.

    Thanks heaps mudhen, I’ll wander along and have a read at you link.  Much appreciated.



    I think you are right mudhen about the stuff in my water kefir being vinegar mother, but this stuff isn’t loose and floaty, it is round to the size of the jar diameter and solid on the top and softer underneath.  It can be picked up in my fingers and lifted and moved etc.

    I am about to try a fresh jar of water with one ‘mother’ and I will try a second jar of water plus a ‘mother’ and will add the normal water kefir sugar and fruit mix and see what happens.

    I am still trying to revive the water kefir grains in their own private jar also.



    The water kefir grains have done it again, yah, there are little bubbles around the top of the jar and it smells great, fresh and fruity.    Now to second ferment.   Do so hope it fizzes.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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