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    Looking back at this thread, I was surprised at how relevant it still is 9 months later

    Wateringly yours, Doc 😉


    Well we’ve just got our new water saving shower head. 🙂

    My job for tomorrow is to install it.


    Read through most of this thread, and was getting ready to reply then I noticed the dates. Hope its ok that I’m adding my bit anyway. :geek:

    We’re just starting to be more conscious of our water usage, and this thread has been really helpful.

    Just the other day I started trying to save water by not flushing the toilet – but what I have actually been doing is putting an ice cream container in the loo to catch the “number 1s” and then adding this to our compost (seems so weird putting it into words :shy: ) but I’m starting to think the “If it is yellow, let it mellow. If it is brown, flush it down.” is an easier way to go 😉

    Another new thing we’ve started is the bucket in the shower. I mainly wanted to do this because our shower seems to take a little while to heat up and I’m a complete wimp and wont get in until its warm. So I hate wasting all the water while it’s heating up. Where possible, I do usually jump in the shower after my partner, so I don’t have to turn it on.

    But anyway, did the bucket thing for the first time this morning when I had my shower and while I wasn’t shocked that the bucket was full – I was shocked at how quickly it filled! So I’m also going to use it as a time challenge – I need to be done and out before the bucket is full! (which is also a good thing because it was difficult carrying an almost overflowing bucket through the house without spilling any!) The water will be used on our garden.

    Is it ok to let it catch water while you’ll rinsing shampoo/condition out of your hair? Are these products ok to go on the garden?

    Tomorrow I will endeavor to try the on/off thing while washing my hair! Great tip! :tup:



    That’s a great idea with the icecream bucket!

    The shower water will be fine – if there is shampoo bits in it, then put it in a different place each time to avoid build ups or imbalances.


    ok it took a bit of time to get OUT of the habit of flushing after i piddle… the very first time I went to “let it mellow” i turned around and flushed without even thinking!! Now that I’ve been not flushing for about a week I have to make sure I remember to flush when I use a loo that isn’t my own!! haha

    I have been showering doing the stop-start thing, as well as using a bucket to catch as much as I can. The “container/pot garden” is loving it 🙂

    Think the hot tap in the shower is leaking, so that could be the explanation for our high hot water bills, so must get that looked at!!

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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