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    I’ve been doing the on/off shower thing when I wash my hair because I really need a haircut and it’s very knotty, so takes a while to comb through. I put the conditioner on, turn off the water, spend about 5 mins combing out the knots and then rinse.

    Another thing which might help shorten the shower time is when you have it. I find I take shorter showers at night than in the morning, when I kind of use it as a way to wake up. Tried to talk M into doing it that way but he’s not to be convinced *sigh*


    As my daughter has been away this week, we have definately reduced water consumption ~ one less person showering and flushing the loo.

    Also I have done the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” and also only ever used the small flush all week so that quite a few litres saved there. Hubbie is actually “turning around” and not flushing every time he urinates ~ so by me not doing it, he has changed his ways:tup:

    I only wash up once a day, in the small sink using as little water as possible.

    I have hand watered the vegies when necessary instaed of using the hose.

    I am going to start taking weekly readings of the water meter from Sunday, once my daughter is home so we can see how much we’re using:)


    I haven’t done the on/off shower the last two mornings – yesterday because I was in heaps of pain and just wanted the hot water on my back and this morning because I was too asleep LOL. But tomorrow and Sunday should be back to it. Non-flushing going well, not even having to argue with my 3 year old over it. All aspects are going well really! Wish I could measure in a more concrete way though.


    So far I haven’t got to the measuring as yet but this is what I’ve implemented so far. We’ve changed our already water saving shower head to a newer one. Also we’ve put these little plastic devices into the shower head from Bunnings (as well as the above) and into the the kitchen tap also which actually reduce comsumpion to 50%. I’m bucketing the shower water onto the grass (for those of us who co-operate…….still trying to educate the teens/20’ish’s). It ends up at about 30 litres per day at the moment. We have a front loader washing machine, have no dish washer (but secretely I’d love one with my grazers…..who all eat at different times).

    I’ve also put a lovely purple 4 minute shower timer into the shower (as most of us have showers) so at this stage I’m timing and so is hubby. I will keep reminding the youngster ones!

    I am very careful with minimal watering outside but I am “hoping” to be able to install a greywater system after our tax return…..fingers crossed!



    Hooray! I see lots of water being saved here!

    Becca, I agree about the time of the shower – DH tends to take longer showers in the morning too! I have also found that taking showers one directly after another saves a little bit in the time it takes for the hot water to come through. Great work:tup:

    Jasali – sounds like there are lots of savings there. We even have some of our regular visitors ‘letting it mellow’ here! It’s just a habit, isn’t it.;)

    Anastasia – I had the longest showers when I was pregnant – just to escape the heat! Don’t worry too much! My 3yo actually prefers to wee outside now! I think it is a freedom thing for him – no need to aim!:lol:

    Rubyglow – those water saving devices certainly will help:tup:. Good luck with the tax return – nice to get a good one!


    Thanks Suz……yep here’s hoping for a good return, only problem is my wish list is very long!!……..LOL.

    Re the showers…..I use a form of hydrotherapy in the shower (alternating hot n cold) as a health practice for improved immunity and stress reduction so the 4 minutes sounds kind of long but I am finding that I may only use 3/4 ( of the timed 4 minutes now-mostly unless I am washing my hair) so I’m happy about that. Hubby’s in and out in about 2 minutes (but he has no hair as he clippers most of it off).

    By the way has anyone had a device fitted which re-circulates the wasted cold water (whilst waiting for the hot water to come through I mean)?? Our bathroom hot water which consists of bath, separate shower and basin taps seem to take ages to come through and it annoy’s me that we are wasting so much water in that area.

    I remember reading about it a while ago but have since forgotten where I came across it. Although, as one of my aims is to have solarhart fitted here I’m not sure if it would work in conjuction with the solar hart being installed later down the track and I wouldn’t waste the money if that was the case.




    Rubyglow, one place that had a device for saving the warming water was on New Inventors, I can’t remember the name or the invention though, sorry


    Hi Jaymie,

    Excuse my ignorance……but is that a T.v show??:|



    sorry Ruby, have a look here for more information on it


    Here’s one from a random supplier:


    Thankyou for the links Suz and Jaymie.



    Ok I’ll try again to post this. (what is going on with the site today??)

    Although I didn’t officially join this challenge I have been trying to cut back on our water comsumption and it seems my small efforts are paying off.

    I just got my rates notice and my consumption has dropped by 96lt per day.:tup:

    we are now using 293lt per day for 3 adults full time and many, many visitors.

    I actually thought I may have used more this qaurter because we have had so many house guests.

    Some of the things I have changed are,

    not using the dishwasher,

    shorter showers(I no longer shave my legs in the shower. Actually if I’m really honest I don’t shave them at all in the winter:o)

    no longer use the ensuite as the hot water service is too far away from it and it uses 10 litres of water to warm up,

    flush less,

    use tank water for garden,

    bought a front loader washing machine.

    We will be getting a 2nd tank soon which will be plumbed to the house for the toilet so that should cut our consumption even more.

    I would like to get it down to less than 200lt per day but over all I am pretty pleased with how weare doing so far.:D


    I didn’t join this challenge but set a goal for our family of reducing our water consumption to less than 100 litres per person per day. Our bill came in today and we have reduced out consumption to 92.6 litres per person per day! I am so proud of us! Not only that but our usgae per day has reduced by 227 litres per day compared to the same time last year! The kids all get an extra scoop of ice cream tonight!!


    Nice work Michelle and Annie:tup:

    We got rates notice this week too, Michelle (must be the week for it). Our usage went down too. We got about a 9 or 10% reduction from our last bill.


    we’re on tanks so the more we save in winter the longer we last in summer.:D

    Read in todays Adelaide paper about a private house in Adelaide who was using 17,000liters of water a day. They didn’t say what they were doing with it but it seems a lot of waste.:(

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