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    Yesterday I was reading about all the people who don’t watch TV unfortunately in this family TV is the kids and hubbys choice not mine as he turns it on for them.

    last night Son1 brought around a movie for us to watch called Thrive.

    Its about 3 hours long but I recommend it to everyone to watch. Its Raod warriors type of movie. Mistyhollows don’t watch it on your own it is frightening as to what is happening to our world and we are allowing it to happen.

    How many times have you heard Pollies say “The New World Order” I remember Howard saying several times as well as Bush, I never gave it a thought till I watched this movie.

    I will wait till others say what they think of it so it won’t get spoilt for you

    The web site is to get the movie


    I watched it last night and I didn’t find it great tbh. I am sure it would have been an eye opener to those who hadn’t heard about that sort of stuff though. However it kind of felt all over the place and they seemed to only touch on some things which could have been documentarys on their own and then spent ages focusing on things that didn’t seem necessary. I am pretty sure that everyone who has watched it totally understands the shape of the torus now. :whistle: I found their endless special effects took away from the movie – do they really need to be telling us while floating around in a bubble cloud through space… :shrug: and I found the solutions to be nothing that ALS isn’t promoting already. I found the speakers interesting and the new energy interesting and the et stuff as well. I just found it to be a big mish mash of concepts though. Probably a good start for someone new to it all and they can then branch out into areas where they want more detail. I guess I was just disappointed as it felt like they were setting it up for some great solution which never came. I thought they presented the “hope for the future” bit well though and I at least felt like I was on the right track. I just wanted more in the solution area!

    Thanks for sharing it. I am glad I watched it. :hug:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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