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    Hi All,

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to find a honey producer that I’m happy with. I’m after pure gum honey (any kind). As long as it’s raw, organic as it can be and is pure then I want it for the co-op stop(s).

    I’m after about 500kilos for the moment but I’ll take what I can.

    The recent producer I spoke to a couple of hours away from me said he had Thistle honey. It tasted super sweet and was very very light and clear coloured.

    It just didn’t have the same characteristics of the high quality gum honey we’re used to.:S

    For some reason it was “too hard” for him to get the Ironbark honey he had stored.. what the?! 🙁

    Anyway, it’s just not settling well with me, I want to give the co-op people the BEST honey as usual.

    The last supplier gave us honey that had (the bees had) been given canola then finished off on yellow box and the honey candied rock hard. If it was pure yellow box then it candies but is soft enough to push your finger through.

    Any leads appreciated. I’ve been talking to Apiarists up and down the State and interstate.

    I’m just north of Sydney. Argh!


    We have raw pure honey and can do unstrained for people too, but we’re only a small operation – only 4 hives. I know someone at Conondale here on the Sunshine Coast and he has raw honey, but again, not in those quantities.

    Beekeepers have been hit hard with the floods – at least 1000 hives (probably a lot more) have been lost in Qld. So you may have trouble getting honey.

    Good luck,



    I found this web site last night on my travels 🙂 :,-Nut-Butters,-Tahini,-Jams-%26-Honey/c37/index.html?osCsid=vgktpjsat24r1a4afcihpi0pq7

    Ooop just read the quantity you are after :blush: , we have a local guy we get ours from at

    Parnells Honey, 325 Hawken Road, Tomerong (02) 4443 4326 (just got that info off the tub :laugh: )

    and a write up on it in a local rag:

    They sell at all the usual local markets etc so if you want in bulk you could call them. They’re on the South Coast but you will have to ask them about raw.


    Thanks Treacle, contacted all the google finds already, I’m just after some people to refer personally as alot are below the radar 🙂

    Thanks Mistyhollows, Honest to Goodness are our regular health food suppliers 🙂 I’ll give Lindsay a call. thanks for that one


    I buy mine through Mountain View honey at Grenfell. their phone number is 63433237

    i buy iron bark from them .


    Zippy I’ve just read on Glenbernie Orchards website that they sell pure honey from a local supplier:


    Zippy, there is someone at Crescent Head that does Honey in tubs, I could find out from them when Im up there next week if you like if they’ll supply in larger quantities? You have to roll up the windows when you drive up their driveway, cause it’s lined with bee hives. around 10 up his driveway, and more scattered throughout his property :S PM me if you want me to check him out next week.


    Thanks so much everyone. I’m after as local as possible (say a couple of hours outside of the sydney region) and BUSH honey.

    It’s hard to find!


    If you get desperate, my plumber does honey as a hobby (and sells it). I know it is cold pressed so not sure if that is raw? He’s in Gympie.


    What a shame your not anywhere near me, we have loads 🙂


    I finally found some thank goodness. Got 600kilos of grey ironbark honey.

    It’ll do the co-op for a bit 😉


    Have you tried Mt Mee Bush Honey? Not sure whether it’s heated or not but worth exploring.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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