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    Now you can sleep at night ma chook with a clear conscience not tossing and turning because you sold your soul for money…well done:tup:


    Yes indeedy!


    I used to drink a lot of coffee once until I discovered that I was hooked on the stuff. Took me sometime to get off it. 🙁 Now I drink mostly water and instead of coffee I have the alternative Nature’s Cuppa (no sugar either). No more withdrawal headaches for me. 🙂

    As for magazines, these can be borrowed from the library.:tup: They’re usually all much the same and full of advertising stuff that I really can’t be bothered with anyway.:noapprove:

    We also grow as many of our own vegies and prefer homebaked goodies to purchased ones. And, of course, there’s the local op shops to search through as well.:clap:

    It all helps in the savings department.:tup:


    I can give it up any time I want to……………….I JUST DON’T WANT TO!




    stark wrote:

    live like peasants and die rich?

    I’m feeling a LOT richer these days, but isn’t in the fiscal sense 😉

    Have to say I’m another coffee addict – but it’s our one daily treat that makes it easy to cut back in other areas. Rather than the heaps of cups of instant coffee we used to drink, DH now makes one nice espresso in the morning to set us up for the day, and we rarely have coffee when we are out as we can make it nicer at home :tup:


    I’ve been on and off caffeine over the years – the longest I gave it up for was 3 years, then I realised that I really do like coffee. So I bought an espresso machine for about $220. It has been making me my 1 cup of coffee to have with my porridge for 7 years now. Let’s look at the cost effectiveness:

    I buy 1kg of coffee for around $30 and it lasts around 3 months – 30c per cup. I use about 100mL of milk per cup at $1.5/L costs 15c per cup. I use about 50Wh of electricity at 19c/kWh (wind power) or about 1c of electricity. I pay $3.5/kL (including waste) and use about 150mL of water – who cares what that is… My $220 investment has survived 7 years of use (and indeed for 3 of those years my friend came around for coffee at lunch time, so at least another 600 cups) without serious wear, so let’s say 5 cents depreciation on the machine.

    So I’m paying 50c per day, or $182 a year. If I put this my mortgage it would reduce the total pay off time by about a week. So I choose the coffee 🙂

    And I really like coffee!


    njh, that’s a much better investment in something you love that buying it when you’re out somewhere. Imagine all the money you would have spent on coffee had you not bought your own machine. :tup:


    forest: I thought about it when I was considering buying it – at $3.0 for a regular coffee I’d need about 100 coffees to pay it off. That’s when my friend was coming around for lunch and I joke that I liked him to have a coffee at my house because it would make my coffee machine pay off quicker (the joke being the fact that I didn’t charge him for it :).

    It all started because someone claimed to me that home espresso machines would never pay themselves off. I thought this a strange claim considering how quickly I would spent a few hundred buying a coffee a day (or 4 a day like him).

    A nice side benefit of my own coffee machine is that I can use fairtrade coffee.


    I have never read newspapers as they seem to be filled with doom and gloom. If I need to know about something someone will tell me. I do watch the news once or twice a week just to stay intouch but I don’t need all that negativity in my conciousness. My world is what I choose it to be. As for those glossy mags same deal who cares what some so called celebrity is doing in their life. I would much rather call a friend and find out what they are doing.

    Coffee makes me want to vomit so that has never been an issue for me. I drink mostly water and some juice. Occasionally I will have a hot chocolate when I go out with friends.

    I agree that we can get so caught up in life that we can forget to live. I don’t judge others choices if a coffee is what floats your boat do it. If reading about what celebs are doing makes you feel better about your life go for it. I think the original post was an attempt to make us think. I love the directions these threads take sometimes. It’s great to read how you all think. 🙂


    Where I work I work with a woman who thinks her job would collasp if she took a day off, Her and her husband, own 5 houses, 3 are for sale, both have worked all their lives and will till the day, they die, Daughter gets married in a month time, so far $62000 has been spent on the wedding. WHY !!! I had another friend simalar who did pass away from a stroke last year. She lost her family, home all for working so she never got to enjoy her fruits as the company wanted more and more from her and got it. 2 company members came to the funeral. SAve and Enjoy your fruits we entend to. Tommorow my boss gets told to shove his week job where the sun don’t shine. ;)If he can’t find someone he can do it. Totally fed up with it.:D


    Goooo Robyne. I bet your boss is in for a shock tomorrow 😀 There’s no point in working yourself to death like your work mates though is there?

    $62,000 for a wedding?????????????? That’s something I’ll never understand.


    The same month we bought our farm, Alan Bond’s daughter got married. Her dress cost the same amount as our farm. Her marriage lasted 6 months.


    What is it about those trashy gossip mags? When I have one to read I totally relax, a bit like others find watching programs on tv that I can’t see any merit in. Maybe the same sort of mindless state that staring at the fire brings. That being said there is often some pretty useful information towards the back of the magazines.

    On the corporate life – I took early retirement and am gradually getting my sanity and trust back in life, slow process.

    On another note COFFEE Mmmmm. One of life’s little pleasures and I have got my own coffee bushes growing so I can control the quality as well. If they’ll grow in Darwin I’m sure they will grow elsewhere as they generally prefer a bit cooler climate. Might be worth a try to save a few pennies.;)


    How hard is it to do the things you need to do to make coffee beans nice?

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