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Walnut wine

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    I am immensely fond of Beet Root.So the wine is made from beet.It is not only good for health as the nutritive values of beet is concern but it’s taste may influence also.


    I have a really good book on making wine not only from the fruit but from the stones and some leaves as well

    Country wines and cordials I use a lot to make the cordials for the grandys

    the fruit and nut book which has all recipes in it including wines,

    I have another on wild foods which also has wines from allsorts but it is english and their plants are a bit differnt to ours.

    Home made wines and beers, which I have spare one if any one would like the spare book let me know.

    I am a bit concerned with what is in my wines I buy after I heard some one who puts racing fuel in their port they sell to the public :jawdrop: We stopped drinking it after we heard.


    Hi Robyne,

    I’ll pm you about that book, I’ve been thinking about home brewing for years – even bought a kit of ebay – but racing fuel!!!. I’m convinced it is something I shall put into practice now!


    Racing fuel = ethanol.

    They will be using food grade ethanol to fortify the port (that’s what all port makers do). I’d say the racing fuel is a marketing thing to make it sound a bit badass…



    But homebrewing is great.. .do it anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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