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Vegie Delivery

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    Given that, at this stage, our veggie efforts are more edible experiments than self-sufficiency 😆 , we still buy most of our vegies. Which has got me thinking – do any ALSers use one of those services where they deliver your vegies from markets to your door? What have been your experiences? Any recommendations?

    We’re only a small household (two adults), not big fruit eaters but enjoy most vegies.


    I used to use farmers direct but it ended up costing more as you couldn’t choose what was delivered, only the size of the box.

    I did love getting the delivery though 😀


    I used Organic-N-Green in Perth, great service and good value for money, only problem I had was not being able to choose what I wanted and as i have a veggie patch and they only deliver seasonal veg I would always get what i already had growing.


    For the Adelaide people, there is a new one starting up called Jupiter Creek Farm. They’re on facebook.

    We did have Food Connect here but that closed down but there is also Organic Box which I believe was more expensive than FC.


    We get the majority of our fruit and vege from Organicbox here in Adelaide. We’ve been very happy with the service and quality so far 🙂 Hopefully we can grow enough so we don’t have to have anything delivered soon!


    Sydney has a few, but i like abundant organics which sends out seasonal boxes. but again, you cant choose. The other option is to start a market group. Get a few couples, or families together, send one to the markets every week/fortnight, then divide up your haul! When we ran a farm here thats what we did, so we werent driving all the way in then back with an empty truck we’d ask lots of people if they wanted anything then buy it all and devide it up then they just came and picked it up.


    ( slighly off topic sorry)

    but just wonted to say thanks to the people who comented about not being able to pick what you wont in the box systems. I am thinking/wonting to do something like that when I finally get my ‘set up farm’ but was always worried about what you would do if you didnt like what was in the box and had contemplated on setting up a internet page where I would list all that I have avalable and then the person buying would pick and choose what they wonted, boxes would then be made up and delivered. so I guess more like a buy and get delivered more then the norm box system. so your coments have helped me decide the pick and choose way is the way to go, so THANKYOU :tup:


    I’m in Brisbane and I use You can choose what you want. Delivery is free for over $30 order (which is very easy with a family). Produce comes straight from Rocklea markets to you. That’s the freshest I can get it here. Their service is spectacular. I’ve been using them for about 2 years now and never had a complaint.


    Rommie, I am not sure where you live in Melbourne but Organic Gertrude in Fairfield stock a beautiful range of organic F&V, all sorts of groceries, fresh bread, meat etc and will deliver. In mho its worth a visit or surf there web. Its a lovely family owned and run business that I am sure would like to help you. Cheers, porgey.


    In Adelaide, I used to use FirstFroots – online ordering of what you wanted, delivered to the door. Great quality, friendly and very helpful local owners. Only stopped using them when I started working 2 minutes from the Central Market!


    porgey do you know the web site for Organic Gertrude….I can’t seem to find one that gives any details on stock, prices etc.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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