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    I am VERY new to growing my own vegies…….actually I am new to growing anything, lol. I was wondering if any one could help me as I have a few questions.

    First of all, when I was planting my seeds the packets said to put 2 seeds in each hold (with the bigger seeds like cucumbers and peas) so I did that and now I have2 beautiful little spouts coming from each spot……what do I do now…. I can’t let them both grow can I….They would be way to crowded.

    My next question is about mulching……it was suggested to me that I put mulch over my beds (which are pots) but I am unsure what to use as mulch. Any ideas??

    Finally …when do you give up on seeds that you have planted, I understand that everything has a diferent germintion period but there has to be a point where you say to your self that you just arent going to get anything green from a particular planting???

    Sorry for so many questions and ones that you have all probably answered a thousand times but I am really confused. Thank you in anticipation of some advice.



    There is a wonderful woman on this site called Scarecrow who knows a lot about gardening and has written many tutorials on gardening.

    Number one starts here and then continues to about number eight.

    If you get stuck just ask her because she really is a clever little thing.

    Oh, and she is my better half :kiss:

    helpfullyingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Yep, you will need to thin them out. The reason they say put two in each hole is because not all seeds will germinate – its old, damaged or whatever. To thin them out the best way is to cut the top off with a pair of scissors or the like. You want to cut them out because if you pull it out when they’re close together you run the risk of damaging the other seedlings roots.

    There are lots of different mulches around but for the vegie garden I think some form of straw mulch is best. Go down to the nursery or Bunnings and you will find it there.

    They might have a time period on the back of the packet, or you might be able to find it on the net. Other things that will affect the germination of seeds, well the most important things, are soil temperature and moisture. What seeds are not germinating and where are you located?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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