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    Last season I made a no dig garden and used fence palings as an edge as the ground slopes a bit. It was not all that stable, and I want to get some of those cut down water tanks. Josh Byrne seems to use them in WA on his Gardening Australia plots.

    Finding old tanks in the big smoke is not an option.:confused:

    Does anyone know where I can find some, are they commercially available?:shrug:


    Does your local city council have a Smart tip or recycling facility open to the public? Try finding out through their website (most councils have a website these days).




    Hi elvin, Josh Byrne’s tanks were manufactured for him by a tank company, so you could try ringing your local tank suppliers?


    Hi elvin,

    Have a look at Not too sure how expensive they are, or where they are located, but hope this helps.


    Hi elvin

    You could try moving out of the city. :geek:

    No, I do not mean up and move out, I mean extend your search to some of the very outer suburbs.

    They often have tank suppliers who can make to specs.

    Not sure what sort of costs, though.

    Also, whilst you are looking around at the edge of suburbia, check out some farmers properties.

    They are often more than happy to let you have an old rusted out tank that they are not using.

    Well, they are here, anyway :tup:

    My place is like a tip for old tanks. 😐

    Regards, Doc 😉


    Elvin, (by the way you have a gorgeous avatar!), if rainwater tanks are too expensive, try other things? We got a lot of old hot water service tanks (about 80L) out of the roofs of housing trust homes that were being demolished, took the parts off, and recycled them as small troughs, for yards, yabbie tanks, horse feed bins, goldfish temporary holding tanks, vegie planters, storage containers for many things, dust collectors…. they were free as they were otherwise going to be dumped at a cost, and had only ever held water in their lives so no decontamination required.

    There may be something else like this locally that you can get cheaply or for free that would also do the job. Unless you specifically like the corrugated look?


    There are some here: – they’re from VIC


    I haven’t thought of serching for there before, I think they’ll be great for my Dad, who wants really high raised garden beds so he doesn’t have to bend…


    Thanks for all the ideas. The manufactured ones seem quite expensive. Looks like a drive in the north western suburbs (still a bit rural there) is in order.

    Not looking for something too high, just to hold in the garden on the slope and not keep digging the lawn out.

    Kathy B, my avatar are some of my resident furry mates from a few years ago. The latest young is just out of the pouch, hope to get pic soon. 🙂


    Would using old tractor tyres help? You can get them free from any tyre place.


    i was looking at using old tyres until i discovered that they leak cadmium, which isn’t great. however, i know permaculture fans like to stack them for potato growing, so maybe it isn’t too risky.

    so there it is. i have been no help whatsoever. 😆


    hey Red hen just googling it. I’ve been growing veges in old tyres with no adverse effects, I hear some say older tyres are actually safer. I’ll have to read more. anyone else got any info on it?

    I was thinking of using them for a compost bin, maybe not such a good idea.



    those corrogated garden surrounds come amde like that especially for garden edges, you may have to googl up a maker in your area we have details of one up here, not cheap but hey small round one is about $200 and 4 meter oblongs about $400+.

    stear clear of those epa classified toxic tyres got more that cadmium in them got heaps of lead as well, and when you no longer want them just try and get rid of them not real easy at times and always at a cost.

    check out yor local disposal yard i have used old clip lok roofing that they sell with great effect, it comes 10″s wide or 20″s wide think and around 5 meters long on average, 2 sheets make one 4 meter bed.

    if you wanted you could buy some new sheets of corrugated yourself and a few star pickets later have workable beds.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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