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Vacola question…

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    I have a plastic electric vacola unit and have been using it a bit with the glut of tomatoes. The instructions say to fill with cold water turn on and leave for an hour as this takes the temp to the required 92C over this time. They also say if the water boils, do not boil for any more than 5 mins. Turn off and leave for an hour then remove bottles.

    Ok, the ‘question bit’…my unit never makes it to an hour before it is boiling madly. 45 minutes and it’s a rolling boil! I usually turn it off about then and leave it to cool. Is this normal? Do you think that I need to do anything differently? :shrug:


    Yeah mine does that too. I figure it is because I live in a very hot part of the world anyway. I have never been concerned about it.


    Thanks gremmbles! I wont panic then! 🙂


    Yeah this happens to me all the time, I never use cold water though so I figured it was that. I usually fill my jars and then put the hot jars with mixture in into the half filled vacola unit and then top up the water. Because you can’t put cold water with hot jars I put warm -ish water in.

    Then it hits about 45 mins and starts to boil so I switch it off for the next 15mins to take it up to the hour mark. Then half drain and take them out.

    I’ve had success with everything so far.

    I do have a problem with the lid though. As the water evaporates and hits the lid it starts to drip down to the back electric socket. So I have to put a plastic plate over the socket so any drips are diverted.

    x 🙂


    I know my Vacola is pretty old and metal, I never knew you could get plastic ones.


    it’s the pic up top next to the rolling pin

    mine is brown

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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