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    Just found this video

    Urban Homestead Video

    Wow how inspiring!

    A family in California living simply on a small block of land.

    Best if you watch it to understand fully, but I feel this video represents a lot what we are trying to do here…

    How many people are doing a lot of these things? Have you got hand powered kitchen appliances. I’d love to hear your thoughts…


    Kristy post=313409 wrote: How many people are doing a lot of these things? Have you got hand powered kitchen appliances. I’d love to hear your thoughts…

    We have some, I manually split our own wood for the combustion wood heater, my partner manually juices oranges and mandarins from our trees does that count ? and we generate all our own electricity, running the appliances we do have off our own generated power. So instead of people power, we use sunlight 🙂

    Unfortunately due to being on a crappy Sat., Internet I have used my meagre monthly data limit up 🙁

    To compound my connectivity frustration, I see with the NBN, those of us on small rural phone exchanges will get shafted. My neighbours on ADSL will have to move to Sat. with approx 10x less service delivery then that available to those with fibre. Fark knows what we’ll do for telephony when they cease support for the copper lines, smoke signals ? Once again, we small rural areas get the rough end of the pineapple in terms of services.


    Subbing to watch this with DH later.


    Sorry,but I think this is the family that began well but then stuffed everything up by trademarking the term “Urban Homestead”.Lots more to that story – someone else might like to agree,or alternatively,correct me.Not that that negates the good stuff when they began.


    I’ve followed them for a number of years now. I don’t know where that thing regarding trademarking “urban homestead” stands now but still a minor glitch on an otherwise impressive record.

    Very inspirational family.


    BlueWren – I have to agree with you hon, I don’t understand how they can trademark the name personally…. It’s a shame they p!ssed most people off by doing that as they are doing some great things!!!

    But the video is very inspiring none the less…. My hubby was watching it with me with the look of, ohhh gawd our house is gonna look like that soon lmao hehe


    I don’t know much about them, I just came across the video last night on facebook, which I really enjoyed, but if that’s the case re the trademark of Urban Homestead that’s frustrating…


    Their names mud in many circles – such a shame because they were doing fabulous things, but they got greedy and arrogant with it all.

    They’ve shut down many websites and facebook pages and closed small businesses that people were running from home that called themselves Urban Homesteaders – people who were teaching cheese making, home crafts, organic food production…

    Nasty stuff,


    Wow Sonya that is really upsetting. I wish I had known. That is really just disappointing that someone looks like they are doing good things, but then muddy it up…

    Money is the the root of all evil 🙁


    There are these websites that are interesting:


    Hope you enjoy them



    Kristy just type trademark into the searchbox on their website and there is plenty of information there about it.

    Even if some of the rumours are true I can’t ever recall hearing the term urban homesteader before these guys came up with it.


    Urban homesteading as a term has been around since the 70’s. There were books titled that released then. He has tried to turn his garden into a money spinner and that is Ok. What i dont like is how he has gone after anyone else using the term urban homesteading with threats of legal action. He has also registered his garden as a church to get ‘non profit’ status. He seems to have gone a bit loopy and now believes his own spin. He has become quite corporate and evil in my regard.


    Not everyone wants to make a living from living a frugal and self sufficent life. So all what they have done is inspiring and it’s free. There’s no charge to watch their videos or follow their daily blog and they give back to their community.

    But if you are a business competitor then I can see why you would be fuming.

    Probably the reason for the financial savvy of late is the fact the father has said it is now time to move on to a larger block with a farm in mind as the children now need space with their partners. Land isn’t free.

    I say good on him that he has managed to inspire respect in his children for his beliefs and he continues to act for their best interests.

    What a judgemental lot you are.


    I agree with you to a point, but they are not going after businesses only, they have gone after simple blogs where people are just trying to share with others in much the same way as they themselves did. sorry but that is a little to far, they started out with ever good intenion but have lost the point somewhere along the way.


    I am only judgemental after seeing him set his lawyers onto dozens of other people like you and me for doing what we do. Go setup a facebook page about your vege garden and use the words urban homestead in the title and you too will get to feel his love when he has your page shut down.

    He is trying to claim ownership over something that is not his to claim. He is bullying hundreds of people and he will not acknowledge that anyone else but him can have an ‘urban homestead’ outlook on life.

    He has taken the ideals of his own lifestyle and turned them around into a greedy corporate ideal. Everything he does now is about making money. Have a look at this page for further info.!/pages/Take-Back-Urban-Home-steadings/167527713295518

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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