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    You will all no doubt be wondering what has been happening with the private messaging system.

    It has been brought to our attention, once again, that a small number of members are engaging in PM slanging matches, and writing subversive messages to newer members in some warped attempt to gain market share for their stance against certain other groups within the forum, the admin team included.

    First, whilst we do not intentionally pry into peoples private messages because we hope to ensure that you can trust that they will not be made public, the fact of the matter is that we can do so at any time. The messaging system is intended for private communication, but as we have said before, all communication to others and about other members on ALS should adhere to the principles of the code of conduct.

    In an effort to reduce the amount of rubbish being spread we’ve reduced the size of mailboxes which will hopefully sharpen your enthusiasm for keeping messages on-topic and civil.

    We’re not kidding about being nice to one another. The admin team, of course, needs to be a bit nasty occasionally in order to get the message across, so we’re excluded from that if conditions warrant it. It’s our call and we will make it.

    If you don’t like the way the site is run, go elsewhere. If you don’t like the way we treat you, go elsewhere. The door is always open. Once again, the admin team are all volunteers, and they’re also all human, but (for better or worse) they wield great power in the little world of ALS, so upsetting them is generally not a good idea.

    To the majority of members who understand that the site is about learning and sharing and growing together on the path to living more simply and who have respect for one another whilst doing so, we thank you because you’re fulfilling the vision and purpose of the site.

    Dan, Doc, Geoff, Kimmysmum, Kirsty, Lady B, Scarecrow

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