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    Yay, Dee! Glad you agree!:tup:


    I have reead the book and though it is interesting I found it mainly was directed at Americans and their wants.

    The book I have found to be better is Live For Free by Wendy Duyker. Its Australian and found it more to our own way of life.

    Back in the ALS, is Forrests Debt reduction plans, that is excellent to read and follow.

    When my son finally left, his partner and brought bubs with him, to our place. Forrest had just written it and I printed it, off for him, to keep and use.

    He follows her writings and is nearly, out of debt. [he was in over $25,000] By doing the little things, she said to do, he has bought himself a newer car, had a couple of holidays, a big one, coming up in April [2 weeks in Qu] with bubs. :D:D:D:D

    He has a saying, “if he wants it in 7 days, he will get it, but if the want has worn off, he leaves his money in the bank.:metal:


    This list caught my attention…

    Ask yourself these questions:

    * Do you have enough money?

    * Are you spending enough time with family and friends?

    * Do you come home from your job full of life?

    * Do you have time to participate in things you believe are worthwhile?

    * If you were laid off from your job, would you see it as an opportunity?

    * Are you satisfied with the contribution you have made to the world?

    * Are you at peace with money?

    * Does your job reflect your values?

    * Do you have enough savings to see you through six months of normal living expenses?

    * Is your life whole? Do all the pieces — your job, your expenditures, your relationships, your values — fit together?

    If you answered, ‘no’ to even one of these questions, read on.

    I’m going to get hold of a copy and join in too, I hope! 🙂


    I’m in! Perfect timing…..


    I read this book about 15 or more years ago and I credit it with helping us to pay our mortgage off by the time we were 40.

    It is the best book on finance I have ever read and believe me I have read alot of them!

    Now 15 years later I still track every cent I spend.:tup:

    Very interested to read the Aussie one Robyne recommended, will have a look for it today. Thanks Robyne.:tup:

    I am definitely joining this challenge because last year we managed to spend $3k more than we earnt:confused: so I think I need to re-establish myself witht he basic principles of the book. I’M IN.:tup:


    i like this idea

    its something all of us can do no matter wehre we are on lifes treadmill.

    i know i can do with more incentive to save money, and stop that impulse buying 🙂


    Sounds like just what I need:metal:

    I will try and track down the book:tup:


    Hooray! I knew we were all ready for this. :tup:

    It certainly has been an interesting process so far in our household – three quite different people tracking here with very different attitudes and backgrounds. Lots of lively discussion.

    If you can’t get hold of the book, don’t depair – you can still join in the challenge and get something out of it. The book helps to clarify the reasons behind the processes. I won’t be able to reproduce everything here that you might gain from reading the whole text, but you will get many benefits from follwing the processes one step at a time.

    If you have the book already or get it before the challenge starts, feel free to start reading it – the more background knowledge you have, the better.


    I’m in. I’ll try and track the book down at the library


    bring it on baby yeah!:tup: sign me up!


    right. i’m in and have ordered the book. excellent timing. now that i’m without husband, i can’t make income = expenditure. very happy to not have husband; now to get rid of the financial stress. :tup:


    i too have ordered the book so i will be in


    I shall dutifully take the book on holidays and have a go at reading it 🙂 – I will then be in!

    Burra MalucaBurra Maluca

    I ordered a used copy from for 8p plus postage (to Portugal).

    We finally got ourselves out of debt last month so I feel we’re already halfway there, but I could do with all the help I can get so I’m right in on this challenge.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 79 total)
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