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    Over on this thread…

    jennifer g said: Oh bummer, i am missing out on some good shows arent i….

    Some of us here have give up or don’t have access to television. That doesn’t mean missing out! 🙂

    Many of these shows have webpages where they include their information. Many even include downloadable or watchable video clips of their shows.

    If you hear of a new or old shows that sound interesting just google the name and they often turn up in a search. Post them on this thread so we can all share them :tup:

    Here are some links to shows.

    This is the show in that thread above. Vasili’s Garden

    Gardening Australia download episodes

    Better Homes and Gardens

    Food Lover’s Guide to Australia more food than gardening

    The Garden Gurus

    Burkes Backyard (Is this still on?)

    Some overseas sites from BBC Gardening…Remember these are English sites but useful info just the same!

    Grow Your Own Veg

    Alan Titchmarsh How to be a Gardener serieshas audio and video clips

    especially this episode on The Productive Garden.

    An English radio programme Gardener’s Question Time with lots of links

    And from the USA The Victory Garden A list of video episodes to see.

    Fresh From the Garden just a couple of videos but lots of info

    And Grow on…Plant Something

    Just click on those Green words…they are the links :tup:

    Happy Browsing 😀


    Wicked, thanks for those, such a great resource!!!!!!! I’m going to add this link to my favourites!!!! :metal:


    Thankyou so much scarecrow, :tup::tup:

    I have been looking thru the old threads for weeks now, trying to find the Vasili’s link that I had seen before somewhere, but had no luck and gave up. I had no luck searching for it over the internet either, as I think I had it spelt wrong.

    Thanks also for all the other links, as there are quite a few that I haven’t seen before.

    I’m wishing for a rainy day now, so I can stay in front of the computer and catch up on all these sites. 😀


    Maybe a Mod could make this a sticky? This is a fantastic resource. Thanks so much Scarecrow.


    Thank you very much, Scarecrow. This is terrific.


    Well done scarecrow! Thanks for doing this!! :clap::clap:


    Well done Scarecrow

    You are certainly worth keeping :kiss:

    Love, hubby :kiss1:


    Of course she is, Doc! 😆

    That list is so great to have – thank you Scarecrow! :clap:

    I don’t like to watch much telly, and don’t make a lot of time to watch it either… However there are some great shows on it and quite a few I miss, so for gardening shows I can now catch up, thanks to you.




    Great I have bookmarked the lot for later


    If you have some spare time you can look through the Peak Moment TV shows on YouTube. They are uploaded by a user called…peakmoment.

    The full list can be found at this link:

    Peak Moment

    They range from permaculture through to peak oil and climate change, with a whole lot more…

    The actual TV station website can be found here:

    Peak Moment Television

    Happy viewing 😀

    jennifer gjennifer g

    Thanks Scarecrow, I will have another peak, but as I am on the puter all day on and off for work, i find it hard later to sit at the desk for a longer length of time to view the shows online…. I have previously watched little snippets but had to run away after awhile…..thinking of getting a set top box and maybe trying for ABC and SBS. they’re the channels that have shows that i would like to watch.


    mylesau wrote:

    The full list can be found at this link:

    Peak Moment

    I’ve got that one bookmarked too. :tup:

    Something else that’s handy is to put key words…permaculture, organic gardening, edible gardening etc into google video search you get videos from youtube and google and other online storage places too.

    You can download the episodes/clips and burn the good ones onto a DVD and watch them on a full size TV or portable DVD player.

    We do this with youtube etc clips and have themed DVDs with the collections. :geek:


    Hi All :metal:

    If anybody wants, I can show you how to actually download clips from YouTube so you can watch at your leisure later :geek:

    Visually yours

    Doc 😉

    Ediited to korrect spilling…becommin a hobit :geek:

    jennifer gjennifer g

    Doc, I was just going to ask about that as I have never actually downloaded anything to burn onto DVD:o

    Thank you Scarecrow for the idea, hasn’t even crossed my mind to do this, what was i thinking (more like NOT thinking)……

    I looked up Permaculture like you said Scarecrow, isn’t there some great stuff there! Thanks heaps!!!!


    I want to know I want to know!!! Another tute Doc?

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