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turning dehydrated vegetables into soup mix

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    I have dehydrated a few vegies and turned them into a powerish mix,when I mixed a tablespoon with some milk and hot water I expected a yummy powdered soup, humm all I got was milky tasting brocolli coloured drink.

    What did I do wrong? Who has made this type of soup and what have you done different.

    What else can I use the powder for?



    Hi HT, sounds yukky, maybe experiment a bit with salt and seasonings or add the powder to soups or casseroles to enrich it?

    I just dry my veges and add them to a stock base.


    I’d add it to casseroles. Would probably work well in a slow cooker recipe. Maybe add a stock cube or herbs.


    These recipes aren’t necessarily for instant soup mix, but might give you some ideas of how to use your dehydrated veggies:

    I think you definitely need to add a stock rather than just water and plenty of herbs for flavour. I’ve been buying Herbamare organic seasoned salt for the last few years and use that instead of stock powder when I have no frozen stock on hand. It’s full of vegetables and really tasty. If you google “diy instant soup mix from dehydrated vegetables” you will get some interesting pages to look through. I like this one I found on pinterest, though it still calls for chicken stock cubes:

    Good luck! Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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