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Turkey in slow cooker?

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    Since I have to go to my sisters home for lunch and I’m having my DH rellos for dinner I was thinking that maybe I would put the frozen turkey breat roll in the slow cooker with veggies etc so I don’t have to rush home to get it cooked.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for recipes? I found a nice one using turkey thighs,(which has veggies and gravy) could I just cut the breast roll in chunks to substitute it?

    also on a different note I’m in the process of cooking Lyns lovely Christmas pudding recipe. But I don’t think I should have started it after being in a Westfield for 5 hours :jawdrop: cause I forgot to add the golden syrup and bicarb :p Its being cooking two hours and smells sooo yummy will is still be ok? I don’t wont to give it to my doggies as Christmas dinner

    thanks so much



    A good cook I am not so I can’t help you Sandra.

    But I am sure someone will be able too.

    Just keep bumping until you get some help.



    not sure re pudding but if smells good prob taste ok too;)

    i would just cook the turkey breast roll as i would a chicken in the slow cooker would be equiv size wouldn’t it ?

    Eira Clapton

    I think the bicarb is part of the rising agent for the pudding – I think it reacts with the fruit to make it a bit lighter, but as Christmas pudding is hardly a light cake I doubt anyone would notice.

    The golden syrup is a form of sugar, but you probably had other sugars in there as well, or just put a bit more in the custard and no-one will notice!

    I agree about the turkey -treat it as a chicken in the slow cooker and you should be OK.


    Turkey thighs have the bone in, and the roll doesn’t so I would not cut it into chunks until serving time if it were me. Might cause it to overcook and fall apart …


    Thanks so much for the replies. I didn’t think about treating it like chicken what a good idea. :tup:

    The pudding is finished and I unwrapped it a bit and cut a little off and it tastes ok but I think I’ll put a bit more sugar in the custard like suggested – we’ve all got sweet toothes in our house so noone will complain.

    Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas:hug:



    Hi Starruby

    I always cook my roast in the slow cooker on low for a couple of hours and finish in the oven to brown off.

    I usually put a mix of either stock or water, some herbs and some baby onions in, Enough to come up at least half way on the lump of meat. I have never had a failure yet. Mmmmm love turkey.


    Bubba Louie

    You are going to thaw it first aren’t you?

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