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Trouble getting into website tonight!

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    You know you are addicted when you can’t get into your favourite website snf you feel personally offended. I tried several times tonight to get in here and just got a message to say that account was suspended. Now I hadn’t even tried to log in at that stage so I automatically assumed that you guys hadn’t paid the webmaster and they had pulled the plug on you. In the end, the only way I could get in was through a Google search link. Is anyone else experiencing weird stuff with this site or am I stuck in the twilight zone?



    Yes, there were other people having the same issue.

    I was freaked out when I couldn’t get on the site but managed to connect with a few ALS-ers on Facebook and discovered I wasn’t the only one.

    I was getting the message ‘This account is suspended’.

    I’m really glad it’s back. :woohoo:

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Hey, Deb, you suffering withdrawal symptoms too? It’s a bugger, isn’t it.

    Don’t know exactly what happened. Dan mentioned “higher than normal CPU usage on server” whatever that means.

    Oooh, you got in via a Google search link? That’s clever thinking. Well done. I just went outside and made tomato sauce.

    Anyway, we’re back on air; hopefully to stay.


    Woo hoo! and it’s about time!:woohoo:


    Sarah JaneSarah Jane

    I was worried i had been posting in my sleep and offended people cos i thought it meant my account had been suspended 😆

    Facebook said i wasnt the only one phew

    Pink AngelPink Angel

    thank goodness.

    Being new, I thought I had said something to offend someone!! :ohmy:

    It had been down all day…..


    High cpu means site getting a lot more hits = need bigger server…


    Yep I had a few conniptions at not being able to get my daily ALS fix too :laugh: :laugh: Glad to see it up and running again. I tried the google link as it worked the other day when it went down but even that didn’t work for me this time 🙁 . So I went and cooked dinner :laugh:


    Phew!! I posted last night for the first time in ages… it was a bit ‘woe is me’ feeling sorry for myself sorta post…

    When I tried to log in today I too thought I’d been banned haha!

    Thanking the lucky stars…

    I guess that’s a good thing, that so many people are interested in ALS that it needs a bigger server… obviously people are loving the site. Woo hoo! Well done behind the scenes ALS organisers/creators!

    Hats off to you


    No it isn’t just you, the same thing happened to me. After a couple of tries it came good though.


    thank goodness i was not the only one,i was thinking all nite

    oh no !!! i offended someone terribly

    what a relief !!!

    now i can get some sleep


    aha, I was a wondering window opened saying account has been suspended and I thought now what do I do love ALS forum so glad all is ok today cheers all


    Pheeeew,now i know it was`nt me,also know i am hooked on ALS.

    even the Google Link gave me “Account Suspended”.

    Anyway, glad we are back on line.

    all the best to every one.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Dan, should we be sending donations? 😉 🙂


    I too had the same trouble getting on.

    I even tried BOTH computers, boy I must be hooked.

    I didnt have time to sort it out as work beckoned .

    I actually thought it was me because I didnt logout as I was distracted talking to my friend ( actually had to turn the computer off as I wasnt hearing what she was saying)

    After all I was getting my daily fix of ALS

    Glad all is well again

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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