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    I have Choice (the consumer group) send me a monthly email about what they are testing and alerts to safety issues. This latest one really worries me. The federal government wants to remove a scheme that would ensure that the chemicals and pesticides used in farming are safe according to TODAYS regulatory and scientific standards. If this is allowed then Australia will continue to use many chemicals that are already banned in many other countries. I seldom encourage people to sign petitions but I am asking you to look at this one.

    I cannot load the link but hope someone who reads this will be able to do so when they visit the choice site

    I am also writing to Barnaby Joyce as minister of agriculture that he needs to ensure that all chemicals are as safe as possible. I know that those of us who use this site probably don’t use any chemicals but at the moment we can’t prevent others using them but at least we can hold governments to the highest standard possible.

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    Is this the article Penny?

    01.Pesticide reform scheme to be pulled

    Dozens of pesticides used in agriculture will remain unassessed if the federal government puts a stop to a re-registration scheme planned to commence in July.

    The previous government introduced the re-approval and re-registration scheme. It would have required systematic review of these agricultural and veterinary pesticides and chemicals to ensure they are safe according to the most recent regulatory and scientific standards.

    However, the current government’s policy is to undo the reforms, despite the fact that some of these pesticides are no longer used in other developed nations, including the European Union and the United States. So far, it has introduced legislation to Parliament and referred it to a Senate Committee inquiry.

    CHOICE made a submission to the consultation process around removing the re-registration scheme, arguing that the scheme is critical to ensure that harmful chemicals or pesticides are removed from use.

    Pesticides play an important role in Australia’s food supply, but CHOICE believes it’s crucial that the risks they could pose to our health and the environment are assessed against today’s regulatory and scientific standards.

    Not too late

    CHOICE is calling on the federal government not to remove the re-approval and re-registration scheme.

    Failure to thoroughly evaluate agricultural chemicals and pesticides ignores the potential health and the environmental risks these products pose, and also risks damaging consumers’ confidence in the food supply.

    You can help by signing our petition to Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.


    Thanks Steve that is the article. I am on my iPad and I don’t know how to upload stuff.

    It is a worry that a government does not care what pesticides or poisons we allow to be used, even when the evidence as to their dangers is well enough documented for so many other countries have banned them!



    Just when you believe this government cant get any worse they keep proving you wrong.


    Bloody hell!


    It is really scary when all the evidence suggests that so many of the chemicals that are used are now known to be dangerous to our health but the government we elect just doesn’t care.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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