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    Today in one of the supermarkets…

    Just wanted some fruit and milk.. boy didn’t think a few oranges would cost that much…nearly $8 per kg.. so when I asked if the price was some mistake…..NO it WASN’T the reason was because of the hail storm in Perth the other week.. but aren’t oranges grown more out of Perth? any way that’s the price.. now because I must have my orange a day purchased just ONE.

    Now why I’m gob-smacked.. the orange has a little label…..

    California Navel

    Produce of the USA


    I’m sure there must be some mistake and the shop didn’t realize.. or maybe the assistant didn’t know what he was talking about.. I reckon that may be the case..


    edit.. typo/spelling




    My sentiments exactly Bobbee :confused::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:


    :jawdrop: unbelievable, Glad I have an Orange tree and never have to buy them. Alot of food miles coming from the USA, and only 20metres to my tree.


    I had the same thing with lemons recently. I just needed *one* lemon for a recipe I was doing. I don’t use heaps & knew I couldn’t get through a whole bag on my own before they would go off (usually I freeze them but I needed a fresh lemon for this particular recipe). Anyway…the supermarket had a choice – bags of lemons from Aussie or single lemons from the US. I think I stood there for about 5 mins in disbelief, muttering to hubby – a. if we can stock lemons from Aussie as bags, why can’t they stock them as singles as well…& b. why bother importing them from the US at all?! :confused: Needless to say, I bought a bag. I couldn’t reconcile all those food miles in my head (& yes…I came up with a way to use them all)…


    Well I was going to say that imported oranges are even cheaper than $8/kg until I finished reading your post! I’m glad the imports are expensive (hopefully people will buy local instead) but what a lousy excuse!




    eggzackerly luvin 🙁


    As a rule I bypass the citrus/kiwi until it gets to wintery time here, because it’s generally imported – but if you need them, Col, I can completely understand why you’d baulk at having to pay that!!

    Time to get my lettuce seedlings out here – was in Woolies/Coles (can’t remember, they all seem alike!!) yesterday and lettuces were $4.68. EACH. That’s iceberg and cos, not your fancy red coral or mignonette or whatever. Whew! We had cucumber in our sandwiches instead!!

    Shangri La

    $4.68 for a lettuce!!!! They probably end up tossing heaps out as a lot of people (surely?) wouldn’t pay that much for a lettuce. The freegan bin raiders might be dining on them!

    Urban wombat – how much for your 1 orange? The hail storm. hmmm, maybe the orange had to overnight in a hotel near the airport and then catch a cab.

    I was looking in the meat section of Coles the other day – and saw a rolled roast (Angus beef I think) $50!!! It would have fed a family of 5 with a bit leftover for lunches the next day!!! The woman next to me said ‘I’m glad I’m a vegetarian!’ Who would pay this much – especially from a supermarket where meat quality is notoriously unreliable?

    It is cheaper to eat Australian caught prawns than steak now.

    Luckily DH has been catching a few mud crabs lately – beats a $50 roast any day!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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