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    Loving reading this thread, so keep it coming guys, I agree with so many of them, I really don’t know if I can limit to just three but I’ll try.

    Ok here goes….

    1. Do Something/Just get started with what you can manage now.

    When I moved to a bigger place (half acre) I tried to plan it all out and have everything right in my mind….when I did make a start to things, things did fail and plans did change, (then we had to move and leave it all behind and start again) so when we moved again (to an even bigger 2 acres) I had the attitude, that I just need to make a start and do what I can with what Ii have. I knew I wanted an “orchard” but also knew that new trees would need watering which took time, so I have limited myself to only a few trees each year, and focused on getting those established, and growing, and adding more the following year (or replacing ones which didn’t survive). Similarly with vegetable beds and native trees for screening. Whether it is time, money, land, energy or any other factor which might limit what you can do, just do what you can with what you have, start small and add to it as you go.

    2. Don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes, just make sure you learn from those failures and mistakes.

    3. Follow your own dreams, not what others have.

    If you only want to grow a few herbs on a balcony, do that, if you want to go the whole hog and live off grid and be fully self sufficient, go for it, and make sure you come on here and tell us all about it so we can learn/be inspired/be envious/etc.


    Don’t wait ’til you are over 40 to do “your thing”.

    Find at least one beautiful/pleasurable thing/moment and stop and wonder at it, however briefly. Every day.

    Unless it is a mortgage for a house/business – never use credit – if you don’t have the money – save until you do – in the meantime, research, research, research. Never impulse buy unless you have spare cash.

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    I want another go! Just to add one more : cultivate a habit of gratitude!


    Want less

    Use less

    Produce more


    Interesting topic

    Tricky, I think, because “living simply” it’s subjective.

    Think about the end game. 10 minutes planning can save years of hard work. Mo use buying some block of land in the sticks and then realising you can’t find work or send the kids to school, be realistic.

    Think about money. I see people around us commuting long distances for work, that seems pointless to me ?

    Watch your peers and what you surround yourself with Friends will want you to the same things they do, my “mates” ask me to fly to Tasmania for example to go hiking. Ditch the TV and do “stuff” instead.


    LOL Froot Loopz! I wish! I have a 19 year old who finished school and is looking for work and an 18 year old in final year of high school as well as the two youngsters from when I upgraded husband so no chance of getting rid of the kids anytime soon.

    My tips:

    1 Cultivate gratitude- be grateful for what you have- even if it is a mortgaged to the hilt pile that needs loads of work and is sitting on terrible soil- you are so much further than you could be.

    2. Cultivate contentment- dont get sucked into the consumer culture, you dont have to fork out megabucks for that wizz bang dehydrator when you can make one yourself, wear your clothes out before replacing them with other good quality ones, do the job once and do it right- if you have a picture in your mind’s eye of how you want it to look eventually then aim for that look rather than a ‘this will do for now’ attitude.

    3 Always ask yourself if there is a way you can improve on current practises. For us recently it was trading in the recent model van we had for a ute. With what we were paying the water carrier every fortnight to deliver water to us we worked out that we could afford car loan repayments with what we would save on the water delivery costs. Hubby drives past the standpipe every day on the way home so no extra fuel used there. We paid extra for a diesel ute which is now saving us every day in fuel consumption.


    Ok here goes

    1. write a list of what skills you have…any and all skills

    2. write a list of what skills you don’t have, think you might need or want to learn

    3. make list 2. into list 1….so simple 🙂 Read, ask, read some more ask some more…


    Here’s mine…

    First.. Determine your goals and objective in life..
    Second… You need to execute your plans to achieve your goals… (We always plan but never try to execute it, “Execution is a way of life”).
    Third… Improve your process, determine what are the problems and hurdles and don’t ever quit..
    Hope this helps…
    Be realistic, start with small steps and work up from there.
    My next goal is to get the largest heritage tank, one that collects the rain that falls on the top of it. 

    @ballamara Goodluck in achieving your goal :)…


    I really like your advice @lauritoedward especially this “Execution is a way of life”.


    Well said
    Its all about enjoying the process


    1. Start by being simple. If something is not necessary, cut it out of your life. Just carry what you really need

    2. Enjoying life as it is. Don’t make life complicated, for it will make other’s complicated, too.
    3. Appreciate everything you have. Be grateful of those. You never know when you’ll lose them.

    Me and my family are new here in Australia, I’ve been trying to join forums in the country to somewhat adjust. How simple is it to live in the country?


    For me pretty easy
    But it depends on your resources ,your skills,your situation,your needs and the climate and the soil and the location.

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