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    Sad thing Len is you really have no long term vision or solution but a very vigorous short term argument based on misinformation and a belief that your God makes no mistakes and solves all problems for you.(I dont subscribe to this news letter and there is no evidence to suggest it is any more than a theory written by men who claimed to have spoken to an imaginary man they call God,strange you can believe that with no proof and yet can reject all kinds of proof to the contrary.)


    Prices will go up whether you believe or not believe.

    Be it due to oil prices, climate change, overpopulation or environmental degradation of soil and water.

    The only way to minimise the price rises in food is to localise sustainable organic agriculture with minimal inputs.

    The only way to minimise the price rise in electricity is to implement sustainable energy production.

    The only way to repair the planet is to have less people living simpler sustaineable lives.


    Snags post=349792 wrote: Sad thing Len is you really have no long term vision or solution but a very vigorous short term argument based on misinformation and a belief that your God makes no mistakes and solves all problems for you.(I dont subscribe to this news letter and there is no evidence to suggest it is any more than a theory written by men who claimed to have spoken to an imaginary man they call God,strange you can believe that with no proof and yet can reject all kinds of proof to the contrary.)


    Prices will go up whether you believe or not believe.

    Be it due to oil prices, climate change, overpopulation or environmental degradation of soil and water.

    The only way to minimise the price rises in food is to localise sustainable organic agriculture with minimal inputs.

    The only way to minimise the price rise in electricity is to implement sustainable energy production.

    The only way to repair the planet is to have less people living simpler sustaineable lives.

    That one typo (and spelling error) just blew your argument out of the water. We can now no longer believe anything you write or say due to inaccuracies.



    sad yes snags,

    for those who like you ascribe to false theory. i have a belief yes based on around 6k of written hard copy history which so far has not been disproved but in the minds of those, with vested and business interests who stoop so low as to attack the character of others.

    yes i do have a long term sustainable way without taxing people to death, maybe for those who bully in such a way the no more births should have been retrospective.

    those with no compassion for their fellow citizens and with such an ego that they should be given the right to life above and before anyone elses right.

    we little people did not ruin the earth you greedy self ego ones did that without our permission.

    where’s the humanity in all this, what about people first, not the power and the glory.

    something needs to be broke before it can be fixed and teh true cause needs to be identified no pie in the sky



    Little people did ruin the earth by allowing the greedy ego driven ones to rape and pillage at an unsustainable rate without implementing price pressures through taxes and green laws to stop them and then buying their products and expecting a standard of living that is unsustainable, then believing that nothing is broke and nothing needs to be fixed and then believing that God is true and makes no mistakes and the oil/resource supply is only 6,000 years old and there for all men to exploit and that we should go forth and procreate at our hearts content and vehemently deny the science.


    that is pure egotistical garbage, we barely have enough to live on and pay fuel; power; food bills let alone advocate for higher so called green idiocy taxes to do even more harm to families.

    teh only standard of living the poor have is to get by usually day to day, not like teh plastic wealthy over lords, the greatest resource users and abusers out

    no human compassion in you



    Ok boys and girls

    As seems to be the way with these threads, the usual few bring in the same old arguments.

    Time to really think about what you are doing in ALS I reckon.

    Some of you will realise, I’ve deleted a few recent posts.

    Yes, it’s very frustrating when YOU believe in something, and THEY can’t see your point.

    We know WE are right, and THEY are wrong. ……. If only it were so easy.

    Why can’t we ALL behave like adults?

    Deleted posts were either not relevant to the topic under discussion, or a response to that post (which by default is also irrelevant).

    I’ve added the ALS Rules again, for those that seem to have forgotten.

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    g’day andre,

    need some openness it is my post that was a reply to someone elses post you deleted. this looks like against freedom of speech and opinion.

    sad really i neither started the thread or wrote replies to me, if you read my first reply properly you will see i was pulling out because this chat likes to be run be the proponents who dislike anyone who does not worship their way.

    i’m sorry to the managers i am a humanitarian, so humans come first, and they teh masses do not create or ask for the woes of this planet.

    i understand this post may never see the light of day.

    just let it run it was running out of puff anyway, my last reply was around 12 hours ago.

    have a nice one andre




    Not that this is the place for this conversation- but since you insist on freedom of speech –

    You are obviously not aware, I deleted about 6 comments, some from Snags, one from SOP & 3 from you. I would delete you previous one as it has nothing to do with this thread, but then my post would seem pointless, and you’d only post again. Also, I know your post was in response to another. I deleted that so there was no point having yours there as well.

    I don’t understand your reference to your ‘deleted my first post’ comment. That one and several after haven’t been touched. There was a post where you started ridiculing another for their beliefs – what happened to their freedom od speech? At least they were on topic.

    I started the deleting when religion was brought into it, and the constant ridicule.

    Sorry you feel persecuted, but YOU are not my only concern.

    In future, if you, or anyone else, have some objections to the running of the board, PM me or another administrator and don’t complain about it here.

    And just to note NO ONE has pmed me wrt to this, so obviously there are no complaints.

    And a reminder – this thread is NOT the place to complain. Any whinge in this thread will be noted, then deleted.


    Too Late to Stop Global Warming by Cutting Emissions? Scientists Argue for Adaption Policies

    Which scientists are we talking about – Climate Change ones? Just wondering where your quote came from.

    I would argue adaption is already underway. There’s a whole movement of people figuring out ways to do without. The Tiny house movement is just one of them. They build deliberately small homes to reduce the environmental footprint, not just in construction materials, but also in how much resources the home uses to operate. Transition towns, another movement, designed to maximise resource sharing within the community.

    The only reason I can see academia arguing for further govt restrictions, is if it’s for the purpose of control. Some may argue, what’s wrong with that? Well, firstly, they aren’t measuring the adaptation already under way. What they see is numbers on data sheets to do with temperatures, and that’s all they see. They don’t know if the Emissions are causing it – they speculate it’s the main component though. That’s the second point: don’t know yet and speculate, doesn’t mean accuracy.

    If we don’t know what we’re dealing with other than the lastest fad of scientific numbers doing the research grant circuit, then we’re not going to have much clarity on the next step: adaptation. There was another popular round of govt sponsored research grants back in the 70’s, to do with fat in food. They got a round of scientists to speculate (while they didn’t know what actually caused heart disease) eating fat was the element focused on as the guilty party. So guess what all the sceintists were studying? How eating fat causes heart disease.

    There has still been no conclusive research to prove eating fat causes heart disease. But there are increasingly more studies demonstrating how a diet comprised largely of carbohydrate, causes you to store fat and ergo, increase your chances of heart disease. Ironically, carbohydrate wasn’t the focus of research grants into what causes heart disease. Instead, it was relegated (like gm crops) the top position on the National dietary food guidelines, as to what we must eat the most of which is deemed “safe”.

    So you really only get answers to what money is being offered on the table for study grants. If there is no money being offered for how the removal of trees causes global temperature rises (for example) then we won’t know diddley. More importantly, if the govt’s formulating the polices are only offering limited study grants for a limited area of analysis, then policy will indicate that limited view.

    When I see statements from the scientific community, calling for adaptation policy, I’m wondering if their research grants on carbon emissions are due to run out soon? Especially since it has lost public momentum – even though it is getting hotter, it’s also getting cooler – seasonally uncharacteristic. It’s getting dryer but it’s also getting wetter. Elements can always be measured, but how accurate under a limited view of man induced carbon emissions? Seriously, it’s that simple in this big complex universe of ours?

    Strike while the iron is hot (so to speak) recommend urgent new policy on adaptation. That should keep the present Climate Change Scientists employed by public money, for another season. Meanwhile they get paid to provide papers for the govt, on how to tell the average person to live in this new world order of Rome is burning, at the same time its flooding.

    Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

    Bureacracies don’t change very easily, unless it’s to do with procurring more money. There is no money to be had by saving resources. You only get money by selling resources. So people ought not hope for an official response. They’ll be better off getting on board the various movements already under way to reduce the predicament of resource management. They are quicker and less expensive in the long run.


    i’m with you metu, if that is ok how can we trust people who are nameless and faceless to tell us how to live when health science gets it so wrong so much of the time good thing health deals in actual fact.




    Once again I will remind you to stay on topic.

    I have not reinstated any of your comments – any comments I deleted have stayed deleted.

    I am unconcerned what graphs you’ve been looking at.

    as for the reference to skeptic science – and that you aren’t convinced by it – so what? YOU are not the only person reading this thread.

    Everyone has the right of reply – IF THEY STAY ON TOPIC. Yes, I did remove a reply you made because, as I made it perfectly clear – or so I thought – it was pointless keeping your reply visible since what you were replying too had been deleted and therefore not visible.

    In future, and as I have requested nicely before – anyone who has a gripe with what I or any other Mod does is to take it up in a PM – not here for public viewing. Such posts will be deleted – no question.


    g’day andre,

    for all things should be open and in the public forum.

    so it seems i am not allowed to voice my opinion although i trust neither of the sciences.

    and please, please don’t associate religion with me, that is quiet incorrect assumption.

    if i may? so i see a graph depicting no warming occurring, then i cannot mention that as it goes against those who believe opposite, that is really all i said in my first posted reply.

    again take care andre


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