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    People really ought to know…

    You wont read this in the mainstream…

    “Vote for Tony Abbott tomorrow if you like — but before you do, says Bob Ellis, read this and find out just what you’ll be getting on Sunday.”


    He is great news if your rich and pregnant or own a mining company and already have the NBN connected.

    Should be interesting seeing him slowly unravel as the 3 word slogans wear thin,and his inability to think on his feet becomes glowingly obvious,unfortunately the worst off will suffer most.

    But at least we will be able to put to the the myth that the Libs are good with the economy for those who cant remember back to the last times the Libs were in power in the recession of the early 80s.

    The biggest mining boom in history and we got no infrastructure just 30 billion dollars worth of tax cuts to the rich that was gobbled up by inflation and higher interest rates.

    I was trying to think of great things the Liberal Party has done for all Australians

    With Labour its






    Post WW11 immigration

    No Fault Divorce

    Legal Aide

    Stopped the damming of the Franklin

    Stopped sand mining Fraser Island

    End Conscription and remove troops from every war the Libs sent us too.

    and many many more

    with the Liberals


    Gun Control

    Vietnamese Immigration

    Banning Incandescent light bulbs

    its not a great record for a very long time in government.


    Howard’s plunderous sale of Telstra.

    Greens Unearth Massive Rort of Telstra Environment Funds


    08 Jul 1998 | Bob Brown

    Environment, Biodiversity & Natural Heritage / Heritage

    Millions of dollars are being filched from the Natural Heritage Trust to pay for capital works on the Hume Dam, Resources Minister Warwick Parer confirmed today in the Senate. He was replying to a question from Greens Senator Bob Brown.

    “The Federal Government has admitted re-allocating $12 million. If each of the States contributing equally to the repair of the Dam is doing likewise, then up to $48 million has been rorted from the so-called Natural Heritage “Trust”.

    “This is money that the Prime Minister guaranteed would be spent on the environment. Senator Parer today was unable to give any guarantee that the re-allocations won”t continue.

    “This is the first hard evidence of millions being diverted from the $1 125 million Trust Fund, set up with money from the sale of one-third of Telstra. Labor claims of mis-allocations of tens of thousands of dollars from the Telstra funds pale in comparison.

    “Environment Minister Hill and Primary Industries Minister Anderson are solely responsible for spending the Heritage Trust money. It is now clear that they are mis-using it to pay for departmental commitments that have absolutely nothing to do with the environment.

    “Further, the money is being taken from the Murray-Darling 2001 component of the Natural Heritage Trust which is supposed to be used for improving the health of river systems, encouraging ecologically and economically sustainable land use, restoring river bank land systems, wetlands and floodplains, and improving water quality”, said Senator Brown.


    You’ve got to love politics at a time like this. Let’s be honest, we need all Australians to take a good hard look at each party’s policies and make a decision based on what’s best for our society (not themselves), but who am I kidding?

    For those that want to vote with their head, I found that Vote Compass is an easy way to get a summary.


    I can’t believe what is going to happen tomorrow… It’s like knowing the Titanic is going to sink but going on the voyage anyway….


    I guess that depends on your point of view, right? Palmer can’t wait to go on the Titanic!


    I heard today that there have been over 2 000 000 pre-votes already for this election. The last one had less than half that number (I think 86 000) and the commentator suggested it was because so many people just want it to be over already!

    I have decided that it’s about time I organized my Aussie citizenship. Previous elections it hasn’t really worried me, not having a vote, but I really would have appreciated having a say this time. If the Liberals win, as everyone expects them to, it will be because Labour have just let themselves down over and over, rather than (IMHO) the Liberal party being just so much better.


    Lol Gabs…. I forgot about Clive Palmer… No subliminal messages I promise…. The libs have Murdoch on their side and the MSM have done a hatchet job on labor..


    What is sad Mudhen is that 2000 000 people have voted without the costings(cutbacks?) from the libs… It turns out that there really isn’t much to cost and it made a usually cocky Hockey look downright uncomfortable, sweating and looking over the heads of the press. He looked and acted like he had something to hide…. I wonder if that would of changed more than a few votes… I am happy to vote on the &th…




    I cant wait to vote, and have this all over with.

    Libs should get in, but Australia as a whole wont be a winner.

    As to cost cutting Australia needs it, and we also need to increase the GST.


    I’ll be voting as I always have since Howard got majority in both houses.

    I’ll vote for who I want to form government in the House of Reps, and the one I dont want to win, I’ll vote for in the senate.


    Nice strategy, I wonder if there are others thinking the same. They keep talking about a landslide, that can’t be good for democracy, either way really.


    What we’ll get with the LNP is mining everywhere.

    “the commonwealth led by a LNP government would hold a “use it or lose it” policy for mining leases that would set an example for state governments.”


    Latest poll 54 to 46, doesn’t sound like much but translates toa landslide 89 to 58 of accurate.

    The people will soon decide, happy election day!

    “I for one bow down to our new overlords…”

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