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    DH and I have the opportunity to buy 4 acres, 10 minutes from where we currently live. The property has a gorgeous eco-house on it (passive solar, recycled everything, gravity fed water to kitchen, wood burning fire and stove).

    I’m just wondering how people felt before making the jump. I love the idea of this property but am concerned at the idea of being out of town / the burbs so to speak. Where we currently live is in the burbs of the Dandenong Ranges. I’m only 12 months into self sufficiency and have my own vegie gardens, we have solar, etc.

    What things should we think about before making our decision? DS is 3, so a long time before being further out makes a big difference. Dh is all for it but I guess its me that is to-ing and fro-ing. I worry about being isolated, bushfires (though they are a risk where we live now).

    Any suggestions / ideas to help us make such a big decision??


    10minutes further than the dandenong ranges isnt exactly gonna make you isolated by any stretch of the imagination and bushfires are still a threat where you are now so thats not a problem

    Just do it your kids will thank you(one day lol)

    I grew up in melbourne and moved when i was 21 to a area with a population less than a 100,a very run down house and property and a outside toilet, best thing we ever did

    Shangri La

    Given that your son is only little, go for it – providing you have checked the house out etc. I am just selling my house on acreage after 8.5 years as kids are now teens and need access to public transport and parents want a change! If you think you may only be there for 10 years, make a plan as to what you want to achieve as time gets away and those trees don’t plant themselves. You may be lucky and find that public transport etc in the area gets better and you may stay there forever. It might also be worth talking to a valuer as some eco houses don’t achieve good resale (hard to believe) although maybe not so much in that area?? One of the minuses about living on acreage for me is having to drive everywhere, can’t walk to the shop for milk and the roads are not safe for kids on pushbikes here. Good Luck!!


    I agree with Stark3, its s great life for children and now mine are parents themselves, they want the same thing for their littlies. And as for having to drive to the shops! It will train you to be more efficient with your planning, so that’s no biggie! You may even get like me and put off going to the shops even when you need stuff, I have learned to make do and thats a useful skill to have.

    GO for it, I say.



    If you are having trouble deciding what to do make a list of the pros and cons for both places. It may help you decide if it written down in front of you. Ask family and friends to help with your list, sometimes they can see things that you can’t.

    It sounds like good thing to me. I would love the chance for something like that. Have the space to plant what you would like and even a few more animals around. But you also have the extra work that comes with acreage, but 4 acres isn’t a lot but a nice size to manage.


    Sounds like the perfect choice to me – but only you will be able to make that decision. Having grown up on five acres with active parents who used every inch of it for growing food organically (before it was all that trendy – folks thought we were a bit eccentric back then) I can vouch for the endless personal advantages that such a start can give to any child.


    Will you be in more debt – that is the real question? 😆

    We loved our tree change, but the initial period of coming to terms with the larger debt, played with our insecurities for a while. DH had an unexpected job termination and we were very close to the wire.

    Would I do it again? You know, sadistically, I think I would 😆 but only because I know we’ve learned more by detaching ourselves from old securities.

    But you really need to plan for contingencies, should you have to go into more debt and something unexpected happens. Like you said though, the unexpected can happen anywhere – bushfires and the like, so we don’t really ever get FULL security no matter what choice we make. 🙂


    sadistically or statistically??? Probably means the same atm… 😆

    I’m in much of the same boat atm…. :shrug:


    Think about what you really wanted, how you would like to live, how you’d like your kids to experience?

    We live on an acreage of 3.7 acres and its perfect for us (how I hate to admit that now! 😆 ) and it is only 5 mins walk to the bus stop, as we are only few mins away from the nearest suburban area. We would like to be more further away, but it was quite ideal location for us at this stage, so we got the best of both worlds.

    I have three kids under 11 atm and it works out very well for us. Kids love the space, freedom to run, make noises, etc. Although nextdoor commented that they have had trouble remembering that we actually have three kids here! Kids can t be that quiet!? 😆

    Anyway, go back and imagine yourself there. If you cannot really imagine yourself and family in that property, then you’ll have to consider why not, etc.

    Good wishes in making decisions!

    Cheers! :hug:


    well I’d do it, but listen to Metu, I think it’s about about $ and feeling comfortable… and how long you plan to stay

    sewing lady

    I would do it in a New York minute!!!

    But I have been there before – think about it but not for so long that you miss out!

    Good luck and good living.


    When we moved to Tassie back in the 80s we lived in a place called Erriba The boys had to catch the bus at 7am to ge to school at 8.30 2 went to Sheffield School and the eldest went to Devonport.

    We thought in the beginning that they would be bored but they had so much to do. They made friends with kids all around yet you wouldn’t of known any was around. I had no problems with them doing things outside of the house as I knew they were at someones house or their kids were at mine.

    Shopping we did fortnightly then it went to monthly. I found local markets were far better then supermarkets.

    Go and talk to some of the people around the place you want to buy and you will find most are very friendly.

    By the time your little one is old enough you might find the town has moved closer to you.



    I don’t think that 10 minutes from suburbia counts as being isolated does it? Perhaps the distance is more psychological?

    Maybe try and analyse precisely what is holding you back, and then address those specific concerns?

    I’d say if you can afford it, go for it, you won’t know until you try, and if it doesn’t work out, then move again, but don’t die wondering what if?

    good luck



    We’re in the middle of doing almost exactly what you’re doing. Just waiting on contracts to exchange at the moment, then it’ll be 6 long weeks until we can move in. I can’t wait!


    We made the move a few years ago and moved to 20 acres 30 minutes from town. We had to build a house and create everything within a 20 acre bare paddock. It has taken us until now to see where we have been but in the past 12 months the place has really started blossoming. It has been and will continue to be incredibly hard work but so satisfying as well. Our kids are now teenagers and we always seem to have extras as they love the freedom they have and the animals. I check every now and again with the kids about living where we are or moving back into town and they freak at the thought of moving back to town.

    Go for it but just make sure you dont have rose coloured glasses on! :p

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