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    Literally – I am just about to take the dog out for a walk!! 😆

    But what I wanted to write about was the fact that the federal govt is putting our state govt under pressure to mine uranium so that we can help reduce global warming. :@

    see story

    I am livid. How dare they? I detest the rhetoric they use to try and achieve this. My aim today is to write to our Greens leader, Giz Watson, our premier, Alan Carpenter, and of course Ian Campbell.

    Generally my activism is a grassroots effort, trying to encourage people to change habits and consider alternatives to their waste disposal or their transport/energy use. But I care so strongly about this. It’s “lie down in front of the bulldozer” inspiring, if you get my drift! I mean it!!

    Especially if you’re in WA, please consider contacting your local MP or others in our govt to ensure they stand up against this. I am making the rather blunt assumption, of course, that you’re not keen for this to happen! 😆


    Go Becca! Coupled with the information that solar and wind are realistic alternatives this is a smokescreen by the libs to push an economic agenda for mining industry and big business- it has nothing relevant for the greenhouse debate. Nuclear is not CO2 neutral and just because something is said to be greenhouse good doesn’t make it green or environmentally friendly. Nuclear is and never will be green or environmentally friendly. Don’t forget the waste issues people.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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