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    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Just wondering if its worth the effort with the weather etc to keep up the garden son wants shift down south but would have to rent as house prices are shocking here be lucky to get $80,000 anyway weather is changing everywhere re fires we are still on Advice

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Love your weather page steve


    I Jeanie, long time no see. I can relate to your Hades, same thing is happening here, my veggie garden is now just dried out stalks


    Hi everyone, :wave:

    I’ve been ‘off air’ for a while and then spent some time lurking in the shadows, I am now ready to have a bit of a chin-wag.

    It’s nice to see folk ‘clocking-in’ and making an effort to liven the place up a bit, things were getting so slow it was quite embarrassing I thought, and VERY boring.

    Well done Bel for stirring us all into gear. :clap:

    Nice to see you back Chezza, :wave: We all mellow with time, well most of us anyhoo. 🙂

    Mind you, I am still up for a mini rucus if I think a situation calls for it, but most genteely of course! :kiss: :kiss:



    Hey Bobbee, great to see you! :clap:

    Bobbee post=359968 wrote: We all mellow with time, well most of us anyhoo. 🙂

    Yeah right Bobbs… :whistle:

    Jeanie post=359966 wrote: Love your weather page steve

    Thanks Jeanie, I’m rather pleased with it myself. 🙂


    :wave: Hi again! Been loving popping in lately 🙂



    my garden is thriving with the heat.

    Id post pics but I cant in this forum for some reason

    Le LoupLe Loup

    I totally agree Rubicon, up to a point. I don’t think of myself as a “Daniel Boone’ type, though I am an 18th century Living Historian & a woodsman, so I guess there is some truth in that. However, many of us are very practicle & good at what we do. I have no illusions as to how hard it will/would be, living where we do, or in another wilderness area, but we are quite capable of leaving here at a moments notice if we find that we can not protect what we have, & we can survive long term in a wilderness situation with the skills & equipment we have.

    As you say, many will not make it, some like threedogs would rather die than use a gun to protect themselves & others. I however have a will to live, & a need to protect my family & friends. I have already been put in this position, so I have no illusions as to what it takes.

    I agree with you firearms selection, but I would not rely on these guns long term. I will keep these for protection only, not for hunting. My muzzle-loading guns are far better suited to long term survival, & the ammo is less expensive & sustainable. A Daniel Boone type I may be, but I am 66 years of age this year, & over 40 of those years spent living in the bush.

    Yes I will be very pleased to answer any questions people may have.

    Regards, Keith.


    RW and Willow

    I married the Friday Night Man……congrats please….i miss you boys 🙂



    Hi again HT :wave: And congrats on your marriage to Friday Night Man :clap:

    Has anyone seen Blue Wren recently?? Miss her….


    I’ve been a member here for quite a while (though a quiet one!) but haven’t been in for quite some time, so thought I’d say a quick *hi* here 🙂 *waves*


    Congrats HT, your Friday night man has become, every night man wahooo :cheer:


    congratulations HT


    busylizzie post=359919 wrote:

    you just keep talking about all those tomatoes and I beat she’ll turn up :laugh:

    :wave: :hug: missed you all so much.

    Gee Dianne, who would you be referring to???

    I pop in every once in awhile, life has become some what hectic, so hectic, the Spring garden was not planted in 2013 🙁 maybe we need to start some logs again about our properties? (Bel, your doing a wonderful job)

    :laugh: 👿 :whistle: :hug: :hug:

Viewing 14 posts - 76 through 89 (of 89 total)
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