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    Yes, I miss Mauzi too.


    “Bundy Clock” –> Punch. 😉


    With even more acres an even busier year, Happy 2014 everyone 🙂


    I am still here….have been AWOL due to illness but am glad to be back and learning more and sharing more 🙂


    Hi guys,

    I am still around, (and getting through the pages…was supprised to see the 4 pages was only a week old).

    Like others had said, it used to be if I didn’t log on once a day there was hours of catching up to do (and that was only selective reading…while interested in the controversial topics, i really couldn’t be bothered sifting through all the crap to get to anything interesting, so just avoided them)… I can log on once or a week or so and there might not be much new at all 🙁

    I think one of the reasons things have got a bit quiet (over the last few years) is the ease of other “forums” and “groups” and blogs. I know for me I am a member of quite a few groups on facebook, which sadly for ALS, seems to be sometimes easier and quicker to use if you are after a plant or pest ID or just some simple info, but it does fall down if you were after something that someone posted a few months ago.

    Good to see lots of you are still here.

    Must get off my butt and update my blog (and blog thread)



    penny post=359400 wrote: I look regularly but life at the moment has been a bit crap. Friend s youngest son killed in a road accident Sunday before Christmas, a friend given at most a year to live,cancer, we are looking at alternate treatment as the doctors have said there is no radiation, surgery or chemo that will do anything. Now we are looking at other therapies.any suggestions welcome.

    Penny, I have a friend who was diagnosed over a year ago, maybe even a bit over two years ago now with mesothelioma (asbestosis) and was only give 6 to 12 months to live.

    He went though surgery to remove the majority of the tumour, and then went though Chemo to try to shrink the tumour, and slow the growth, but it was never going to be a cure.

    He has such a positive attitude and I was talking to him before Christmas, and he said one of the anoying things was not being diagnosed and knowing there wasn’t any cure, but not knowing what sort of time frame he has, but then does anyone, at least he has had a chance to do some things he wanted to do and spend lots of quality time with his wife and children (since being diagnosed).

    Last time I talked to his wife she said it had been about 10 months since the last lot of Chemo and the tumour was still shrinking, and he was in really good health so they were really happy with that, and were going to continue with what they were doing.

    They have got into juicing, and using tumeric, and they have read about a guy with the same cancer, and had been given the same prognisis, and is still alive 16 years later, not cured, but still living a healthy life, i think he had been juicing from the day he had been diagnosed.

    He is also looking at trials which are available, there was one he was going to do but it involved having a biopsy of the tumor done and while it was inactive and still shrinking, he didnt want to take the risk of reactivating it.


    Sorry for hijacking, maybe you could start another thread Penny, and I’ll copy this across, you might also get some others who might have some ideas.


    good to see so many people here, new and old


    Isabel Shippard has a lot of info in her herb book and perhaps even on her site about herbs that can help in the fight against cancer

    I have her “how can i use herbs in my daily life” book which has loads of info.

    I have a lot more difficulty on this site since it has been updated, unable to load pictures, trouble logging in etc so often just browse the forum page as a guest. Occasionally log in to check but not a lot happening on the gardening log that I follow :shrug:


    I am still here, Hi everyone, comment every now and then, have also found that ALS has slowed down a lot. I will get my act together and add to my garden thread. I have also started reading more blogs that I find interesting, as well.


    Friends of mine starved his prostrate cancer ona 40 day diet, google 40 day starvation cancer diet, and you will get a lot of information. He lived on a juice which came from overseas, and found it very hard but seems to have stopped it.


    Hi all,

    I pop in and out every so often, but have stayed quiet! I’ve been pretty busy renovating my garden and doing work on my property. I’ll update my garden log shortly! Some pretty exciting new pictures of it!!


    Hi Kasalia and Fozzie :wave: Glad to see your ‘faces’ here again 🙂 Kasalia – you were my inspiration to get right into preserving. And Fozzie – I just loved the banter with you, busylizzie and, who was your third amigo? Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to in the garden 🙂


    Gem!!! I’ve kept in touch a little with them, but they’ve been busy in their lives also.


    That’s right – geminisc! Miss you guys, but I do understand life gets busy!


    Thanks for the suggestions people it is much appreciated. My mate has a positive attitude and is actively seeking alternatives. Meanwhile we’ve been really busy but things are starting to work out as they usually do.



    Bel post=359681 wrote: Hi Kasalia and Fozzie :wave: Glad to see your ‘faces’ here again 🙂 Kasalia – you were my inspiration to get right into preserving. And Fozzie – I just loved the banter with you, busylizzie and, who was your third amigo? Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to in the garden 🙂

    I got all excited when I read Fozzie, may have even let our a little noise of joy :whistle: I do miss you gals and your log updates, can’t wait to see what you have been up to. :hug:


    Awwwww thanks!!!! I’ll have to get Lizzie back in!! 🙂 Great to “see” you too!

    Damn life getting in the way of fun forum activities!!!

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