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Tick prevention/bite remedies anyone?

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    After my brush with a severe tick allergic reaction the other day, I’m getting an epipen (self-administered adrenaline) just in case.

    I made the mistake of scratching and squeezing a tick while half asleep, and I had a big reaction to it. Before that I had them under control with quick removal (getting DH to pull them straight out) immediately applying an alcoswab, then betadine, then candelabra aloe, I’ll still try all this, but have the epipen just in case.

    It was pretty scary!




    Try not to pull the ticks off – this causes a worse bite and infection as well as the possibility of leaving the head behind to fester! When working in the bush I always kept some ciggarettes as touching the ticks bum with a lit ciggie will make them let go quickly (fighting the smokers for the ciggarettes in my (non-smoker) luggage was a more dangerous task though:lol:)

    I also found that using Lifebuoy Soap kept ticks fleas and mozzies at bay. It is not available here but I do know it contains phenol (carbolic) and I suspect that is what keeps bugs at bay. It has a very distinctive smell and the dogs reeked as they got bathed each week. I never lost an animal though so we all put up with the smell. At least humans don’t have fur to keep the smell lingering;)

    I used it successfully for years in areas where ticks are a massive problem and never had to resort to the lit ciggie or (horrors!)the method of stripping down and spraying myself with insecticide while standing on a newspaper methods of tick removal. In fact I have sat next to other people and watched the ticks detour across the ground to avoid me:tup:

    I am sure there are soapmakers here who can give advice on making a mild carbolic soap.


    our 1st aide a tiny dab of kero, that kills the tick then using tweesters we remove the tick head and all, if a head got left in it dies anyway, and if it festers that is the best all you need to do is remove the fester like popping a pimple.

    don’t recommend vets they just want the big bucks.

    was told the other day keep teh animal comfy and with dropper keep its moisture level up this person did so and a few day later dog was right as rain.

    we wouldn’t have animals if we didn’t care for them but that heart renching emotion leaves us open to abuse, they want $800 dollars for anti venine for dogs, yet we get it free??? big rort.

    giant rort using our own emotions against us. pensioners got no spending money sitting around not these pensioners anyway.

    huge doses of Vit’ C help with ticks and snakes.


Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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