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Thornless blackberries giveaway in SE Qld

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    Our thornless blackberry has rooted at least a dozen new plants over the last year and we’d love to give these away – otherwise they’ll be pulled out. The vines had what I think was blackberry rust last season, so I can’t guarantee they’ll be free of it; it looks ok now with all the new growth but may come back with rainy weather over summer.

    We’re in the Toowoomba area – PM me if you’d like any 🙂


    I should add that these aren’t a good prospect for mailing as they are all out in leaf and some have several feet long. So probably local pickup would suit. Thanks 🙂


    Do you think it would be too hot and humid for these in Ipswich, Em?


    I just went and bought one thismorning from the nursery. $19.95 for one cane, 😀


    I’d love to or two, any chance of saving one till I travel up that way in mid january?


    dustygrl, I tried to PM you to see if any still avail but your inbox is full and it won’t let me send the PM 🙁

    Do you still have any? I could pick them up after Thursday as I live in Allora.




    So sorry for not checking back! My email is <> (remove the nospam) and this is probably easier for me atm whilst the Xmas crazy season is on 🙂

    I still haven’t had time to dig out the canes that need to go (or they’ll take over the place!) so they are still available and getting larger by the day if anyone wants them. Because they are in full leaf it would be pickup only, don’t think they would post too well, but if you let me know I can try to arrange a pickup time that suits.


    Em 🙂


    Wocket, I’ll be around in Jan, so if you would still like some we can organise it 🙂

    Mandy, the humidity would make them more likely to get fungal diseases (like the rust we have seen here in the past), but they seem to be surviving high 30s heat atm – but you’d need to have them in a spot that gets enough chill in winter to set fruit.

    Deanna, sorry again to miss your post, lmk if you’d still like any 🙂


    Just saw this again. Yes please I would still love some 😀 Is it possible to pick them up after the 7th Jan? I stretched the budget veeery tight this Xmas and the petrol to Toowoomba doesn’t quiet fit into the budget til then :shy:

    Let me know.


    Hi Deanna, that would be no problem, there are lots left 🙂 Drop me an email when you’re ready and we can arrange a time.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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