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    Two blue rosellas visited us this morning. Each of them perched on the top of a sunflower and started snacking. We grow the sunflower seeds for the chooks but it’s nice to be able to share them with the wild birds too.

    There was also a pallid cuckoo sitting on the fence watching the chooks and lots of wild ducks landing on the pond next door. As usual, we could hear, but not see, the whip birds.

    Last week we had a mother wood dove bring her seven babies into our front yard while we were having morning tea. She was teaching them grazing and flight techiques in what i hope she sees as a safe environment. That was a sight to see. 😀

    Judi BJudi B

    Its lovely to have birds around, currently I have outside my window snacking on thistles a pair of Pale-headed Rosellas, and a female galah. Several honeyeaters in the grevillea and a line up at the birdbath. There is a Crested Pigeon nesting in the melaleuca near the gate she has been using this nest for the last few years. There is a lot of nest making going on I have found 3 new nests in the past week most near the house.


    We had the usual, Blue Wrens, they are so beautiful. I’m going to leave the new owners their birdbath and instructions to keep it filled up. 😀

    They are both environmental scientists, so I’m sure they are going to care for the birds and frogs that have made this place their home over the last 18 months of chemical free gardening and habitiat creation.

    The galahs have been attracted to the area and to the farmer’s rape crop and have made a bloody mess of my succulents whilst they’re at it! They just nip bits off and drop them all about the place! Cheeky buggers.

    Judi BJudi B

    Galahs are like that taste test everything. I have 1 here all day by herself who loves to taste test spring onions….. maybe that is why she is all alone “onion breath”.:lol:

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    We had a kookaburra & a magpie having an fight in the air this morning. They ended up on the ground, whilst making quite a racket ! I’d say the kookaburra got too close to the magpie’s nest, as the maggie swooped the chooks yesterday. It was quite funny, Mustang & Sally(the araucana’s), were the bravehearts, they ran at him & Mustang did this rooster dance, LOL !

    The spotted pardaloes & the female wrens were out & about today too.

    Crimson rosella’s & the white cocky’s were out in force as always.


    It is great to have birds in the garden. Sunday Glenn and I were working in the garden and we had visiting Galahs, Peaceful Doves, Crimson Rosellas (which nest in Glenn’s possum box), Red-rumped Parrots, Spotted Pardalotes (Glenn’s favourites), Welcome Swallows (nesting in the carport), White-winged Choughs, Magpies (who swoop the poor lambs), Brown Treecreepers, Whistling Kite, Jacky Winters, Dusky Woodswallows (my favourite) and Fuscous Honeyeaters (who collect the lambs wool for their nests). It is wonderful living in such a excellent bird area 😀


    I love having all the birds in the garden. At the moment the red capped parrots are starting to appear – with all the spring flowering going on this is the time of year we see them most. In about a week we should be able to see them every day in our Virgilia tree (fast growing legume) – they make a beautiful pink carpet underneath as they feed on the flowers.

    And yesterday evening as Ross & I were wandering through the garden I thought I spied a golf ball among some rushes by the pond – but it turned out to be an egg! We’re pretty sure that it must be a wild duck egg… Which is so exciting because it means our artificial pond must be developing well enough that there’s a duck who thinks it’s a good place to raise chicks. We’ve had a buch of visiting ducks for ages, but never thought to find an egg.

    So we’ll have to keep an eye out to see if any more eggs are laid. And if she starts to sit on them, there will be strict cat watching going on to make sure there’s no hassling – the cats and ducks do seem to leave each other alone these days, having got used to each other. But close to hatching I think the cats would be locked inside. Fortunately this would probably be about the time we’re moving house anyway, which would give the ducklings their best chance at survival. And we’d hope the new owners like the idea of baby ducklings 😀

    How hard it is to leave this place when things are going so swimmingly…

    Judi BJudi B

    My visitors this morning were a snake slithering around the Honeysuckle looking for some bird nests. There is another nest in the melaleuca near the gate and I nearly got sconed as the Thornbills flew out, this nest is nice and fluffy I washed the fleece from my bed and the fluff is everywhere and the birds have cleaned up most of it. Red-backed Wrens are flitting around the garden with the Variegated Wrens. The honeyeaters are fighting as to who will use the birdbath first and the Wagtail has been chasing the Currawong away from the birdbath.The Satin Flycatcher has been flitting around all day. I think the Red-browed Finches have been breeding up as there are quite a few around now, in the past we would only see 1 or 2 pairs. There is a galah (onion breath) looking in the window watching me type this. Better go I need to fill the birdbath again.

    John and ZoeJohn and Zoe

    Hi everyone

    Our place is a hive of bird activity at the moment. Lots of New Holland and Singing Honeyeaters squabbling in the trees and checking for food in the orange tree.

    While I was enjoying a well earned cup of tea on our back patio on Saturday morning, a pair of willywagtails began plucking nest building materials from various hanging baskets.

    Until yesterday, we also had a spotted turtle-dove nesting in a large hibiscus outside our bedroom window. It was great to be able to lay in bed and watch her sitting on her nest. Regretably, the dove has now deserted her nest and there is no sign of any eggs.:( We’re wondering if perhaps a rat might have taken them.



    Judi BJudi B

    We had an unwelcome visitor this morning, we heard the pardalotes carrying on and went to see a 4ft eastern brown coming out of the nest hole 🙁 so the pardalotes will have to start again. We watched him for a few minutes he was not concerned about us he was sunning himself we noticed he had a few ticks on him, he can keep them.

    Judi BJudi B

    This morning I couldn’t sleep, I was awake at 5am got up at 5.30am proceeded to have my morning cuppa and was just looking out the window when I had to do a double take there at the gate was a deer (nice set of antlers) walking along the fence line he went up the back jumped the fence and stood on the wall of the dam looking to see where to go next, when the horses spotted him they came to look and he got spooked and came back down, by this time I had gone outside and he came directly toward me had a good look then off he went down the gully. It’s not unusual to see them here, but with all the dogs around we haven’t seen any in a long time.


    I’ve just discovered a wedge tai eagles nest in our rainforest, they’ve picked a giant tree that towers over the forest canopy. How cool is that !!!


    We had a most unexpected, delightful, and prickly visitor this morning ….

    Judi BJudi B

    Bushy that is great, but beware wedge tail eagles will try to take off with anything they can. I know my pet galah didn’t want to go with the one that latched onto his cage.

    Judi BJudi B

    These last few days we have seen lots of lizards and snakes. Yesterday there was a 70cm goanna in the garden. This morning the birds were really carrying on so we went and had a look and about 6m up a wattle there was a carpet snake I think it was our regular snake about 2m long, then when Doug took up the garbage he nearly stood on a small grass snake and when he came back towards the house he heard birds carrying on again so he had a look and there was a goanna hiding under an old log when it saw Doug it got a fright and dashed up a gum tree. Last night we heard the koala again but he sounded a bit off like he had asthma or a sore throat, couldn’t find him this morning I hope he is OK.

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