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This is looking hopeful – Government Green Paper re National Food Security.

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    This is encouraging – high time , and at least a big step in the right direction.


    I hope so. Depends on what they class as nutritious and affordable. While I agree, it could be just what we need (if it is done correctly) I hope it isn’t an avenue for GMOs to rear their disgusting presence!



    Yes, someone in our permie group raised the same kind of concerns , cover for Monsanto etc.The Green Paper is for public comment I think so it will behove us all to keep an eye on the way this develops and to complain if necessary.


    the only way gov’ can go is to support the GMO crowd, part of the GMO termination policy they get to own all seeds and sell to their preffered farmers usually the habitat destroying broadacre set. also this might be more of a push to have food to sell on the export market not so much to feed australian people.

    controls are in the wind to stop us growing our own food, many controls there now, basically as they can’t properly ID what is a weed plant they will simply say we can only grow native plants and probably only endemics. in the secular divided community we now have in aus’ we will be a push over. there are already controls in place eg.,. growing bananas, the citrus farmers are pushing for backyard controls, what citrus farmers we have left anyway, they have to have their fruit tested each harvest and home gardeners don’t. after all all recent decade issues with fruit contamination in citrus and bananas has been caused by greedy farmers not home gardeners.

    the laws will allow them to enter your property without permission of the property owner and without warrant.

    eyes wide open



    Is it another ploy for the government to throw us off the path that we know they don’t tell the truth?????? :shrug:


    I’ve sent an inquiry by email. Let’s see what their response is.

    I still think we are a long long way from what is happening overseas yet, but maybe, this sort of ‘paper’ started it off over there?


    People, how about we for now take this Government initiative at it’s face value and make sure we keep up with it and do ALL WE CAN TO KEEP IT GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!

    That means some action , otherwise we will have NO RIGHT to criticise the Gov if it doesn’t go the way we would like.Gritting our teeth on the soil in our own patch won’t help anyone.

    Please , get to this link and do something.At least register for the Public Meeting in your area and follow the Blog.

    There’s lots more on that site to check out too.


    Since watching the show Thrive I have noticed how many times the government says “One World Order” both sides say it.

    Does it mean what ever they say over seas we have to do it.

    I am preparing my family for bad or harder times, work is getting scarer where we live. Companies are falling apart or going off shore. Chinese are buying up our minerals and farms,

    What I would like someone to tell me is what will happen when allour jobs are gone?/ who will help us live our lives not those over seas


    Robyne,I’m with you.I can’t answer your questions but I am increasingly realising that I can no longer be just a Happy Little Permie Nanna growing radishes .I’m very close to the life allotment of “three score years and ten” and the very last thing I want to do is become an “activist”. But I have children , they made their decision to have children, and I have very young grandsons , the youngest is three months old……….

    As far as it is in my control I plan to live to a hundred …….so if I am able I have to make those thirty years count just a little bit for the future, everybody’s future.

    So my starting point is the Government Food Security Initiative – which flavour of Government is irrelevant to me.We have to work with what we have while we have it.

    ……..and now I have made myself publicly accountable ……and that is very scary.


    well yes! one world order aka world gov’ is the underwriter, hidden to most who do other than try and keep educated(it is all there on news/current affairs/ABC/SBS, while the masses worship sport and material things), many call in conspiracy theory, conspiracy – yes! but theory – no! not for a long time now, maybe at least 30 years.

    they call the shots tell our week kneed legislators what immigration policy we have, that we must support the Climate Change conspiracy, doesn’t matter who is seemingly in power after and election their strings are pulled by another.

    when we vote they get who they want in office. can’t trust them on much at all wouldn’t put my faith in them securing our food security.



    Here’s a great comment from the NFP Blog.

    17 July 2012 at 6.44 pm

    I am interested in what the government has to say on this issue and where it feels it needs to be placed in the scheme of things.

    I would like to see lesser role of the government established and allow local providers and growers of food be supported in their local communities, by local associations minus the government input.

    Government should only be providing a guiding light without the strong arm approach of legislation. Locals should have the freedom to implement approaches that are suitable for their own environment and lifestyles which can then enrich their local uniqueness and diversity.

    Outlawing practises that are human rights is not the approach we want to take from here. We want to be able to grow backyard produce, milk cows or have bee hives and chooks for our own self sufficiency and health, without ridiculous restrictions on those practises like what is occurring in the USA on a big scale.

    Nanny state measures such as calling raw milk “too dangerous to drink” and “all nuts need to be pasturised or irradiated” are changing the very nature of our food supply and if people wish to take the “risk ” of eating these things then that should be entirely their privilege to do so without repercussions involving fines or legal action. this needs also to apply to herbs that people want to use for their own health maladies.

    As for Genetic Engineering, this practise needs to be halted in this country for the sake of generations to come, and for the sake of our food security. The glaringly obvious deleterious documentation about this practise should be heeded very carefully by government and restrictions should be in place to save the farming practises and agricultural markets of our country. GM crops have been extensively banned from most European countries and should be from our fair state as well. Having farmers completely reliant on companies like Monsanto and Dupont etc. will only lead to unhealthy market share (from the inequitable approach to requiring farmers to use their sprays and seed) and unhealthy populations in general (look at GM and its relationship with fertility).


    Hubby was watching something on Hitler the other night on Cable TV and he said about “One World Order” so that is over 70 years ago.

    I wonder about my grandchildren I have 2 one is nearly 7 and one is 2 Both fathers are in work at the moment but Son1 has been told last year his job is on th eline. Shops prefer the $5 kids so they don’t have to pay super.,holidays, sickpay etc. He has been with his company for nearly 20 years.

    Son2 works up in the mines, he said it could stop over night noone up there works full time all are casual. He has more chance at other jobs but if fuel becomes a problem he won’t trucks need fuel to move.

    we watched the repeat of Doomsday preppers last night from Thursday night and a good church going person had 60 rifles in his safe and over 40 hand guns. Plus he doesn’t drink but is buying drink to swap. I think I would prefer to buy seeds and maybe have a .22 for rabbiting.

    If the government do go through with the Green paper I will back it but until I see the final piece I will not trust them Look what NZ has done.

    Saying that I am drying egg whites for my stock pile next I will do the yellows. As I only have one fruit tray they have to be done on their own. Did potatoes yesterday and grind them to a powder. As I get vegetables cheap or I grow excess I will have my own green paper


    …….I guess I’m just asking for enough folk to have some input into the NFP so that we have a chance of being able to trust it in the end.

    The other vitally important action we can take of course , which is closely connected , is to be active in ALL local initiatives for local/regional food security …….and there are plenty of those happening in Oz.


    Personally i think this probably hits the mark – unfortunately


    Thanks marigold .That is a great link and a great article. :tup: It has given me even more reason to keep an eye on this issue , attend the public meeting and so on.

    I’ll be looking more into the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance too.I quote from their site.

    “Contrary to the Government’s claims, AFSA argues that the green paper is a recipe for increasing

    vulnerability, reducing resilience and heightening inequality in our food system. A different approach,

    based as on a different set of values and priorities, is required.

    “That is why AFSA is inviting all concerned members of the Australian public to join us in a

    participatory and democratic conversation to develop a food system that is truly fit for the challenges

    of this century”, says Mr Croft. “The food sovereignty movement doesn’t start from the arrogant

    assumption that we have all the answers. We begin from the fundamental principle that the primary

    goals of the food system should be to ensure human well-being and ecosystem integrity, not

    corporate profit. We also say that food is so important that it requires a comprehensive participatory

    national conversation, not a tightly scripted top-down process where all the questions – and many of

    the answers – have already been pre-determined. “

    For inquiries, please contact Michael Croft: 0413 387 686; or Nick Rose: 0414 497 819.

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